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Rawlins oil

  1. ronlamarsh
    I have finally got an image worth keeping but the question is how to mount? Since it is a rather thick layer of gelatine is it safe to use my dry mount press or will I melt it? Is there an alternative? I used 250 bloom gelatine fom B & S but it is still rather soft compared to a regular enlarging paper.
  2. Jerevan
    I think it is too soft for a dry mount press. The gelatine is not hardened in the same way as in a normal fibre paper. I would try something else - why chance it?
  3. yashasvi bhuta
    yashasvi bhuta
    a easy way that may work is that once the print is dry for a couple of days give it a gentle soak in formaline. hardening the gelatine and making it safe to use in dry mount press
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