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Just got a package from David Lewis

  1. Take2
    I debated scavenging/repurposing odds & ends (brushes, pigments, etc) in service of my Bromoil ambitions, or to purchase [dedicated] Bromoil supplies from David Lewis. The question is an obvious one -- a hefty price difference! As a beginner its difficult to *know* what makes sense. People will tell you to "start out slow", try different materials and go easy on the spending before deciding to make an investment. I bought the book (Derek Watkins), explored suggestions, visited art supply shops and did the usual homework online. At the end of it all, I decided to cut short the half-meaures and take the leap. Will post to let everyone know about my experience if the interest presents itself.

    Another plug: I got my chemistry from Artcraft Chemicals. Reasonable prices and outstanding personalized service. Truly a gem in this day and age!

    David Lewis - http://www.bromoil.com/Bromoil-Equipment-

    Artcraft Chemicals - http://www.artcraftchemicals.com/products/

    FTR: I am not affiliated with David Lewis, Artcraft Chemicals or Freestyle Photo.
  2. Jerevan
    Sounds good! Keep us posted on the progress!
  3. Jerevan

    how are things progressing? Any news on the bromoil front?
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