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Bromoil papers

  1. Willie Jan
    I tried some papers to see which is capable of bromoiling...

    My experience is that only matt papers work.
    Glossy do not take the ink. After a couple of days, I still was able to remove the ink by wiping it with my finger.

    I tried Adox Vario Classic matt which worked.

    What papers do you use these days that are still manufactured...
  2. Jerevan
    I know about Kentmere Finegrain in the fine lustre finish, and I am now starting out to try Fomabrom III in the matt finish. I have also in mind to try Foma emulsion on watercolour paper. Hopefully I get around to that in the future.

    If the glossy don't take the ink - why not make a bromoil transfer onto some nice paper with it instead? I bet that the molenduitsland bromoil would look really nice on a thin, japanese Kozo paper, for example.
  3. Perry Way
    Perry Way
    I have used the Kentmere Fineprint VC I believe is how its labeled (If not, forgive me, I'm going by memory since I am now out of supply). Gene Laughter recommended this one highly so I tried it. It is labeled as semi-matte but on Freestyle it is organized as matte, but I don't think it's matte at all. It has a sheen to it actually, but not much. And a pebbley finish that seems to really behave differently with different techniques or approaches with the brush/brayer. By in large it seems very well suited for a wide spectrum of uses.

    But also, before I got my hands on the Kentmere, I did have Ilford Matte and still do and I tried it with that and wow, I gotta say, go easy on the pressure because it will get muddy quickly and dark quickly too, but it sure behaves quite a bit different than the Kentmere. I really like it as well. As a matter of fact, two of my prints which people like the most when they are looking through my physical portfolio were inked up on the Ilford paper. I'll be doing more with this paper because I have plenty of it left and because now I've figured out how to use it effectively.

    But as for a first paper to work with, I think Gene's suggestion is a fine one. Start with the Kentmere.
  4. kirkslog
    The problem with glossy matrix's the ink is easy on and easy off a tecnique which sometimes works is coat a DRY MATRIX with a few coats of stiff ink applied with a paint foam roller then leave to dry out for 1 hour then soak the matrix s in a water bath at the temperature you normally use for bromoil .
    Then while the matrix is under water go over the matrix in one direction with this time a clean roller and the image should appear after this continue to ink-up in the normal way with brush etc this method basicly is giving you an ink pigment foundation to build up on......Kirk
  5. van eynde ludo
    van eynde ludo
    i have fond paper for broomolie, Bergerr
  6. Gene_Laughter
    I could find no paper using your URL. What paper are you referring to? You mention Bergger above, and many liked Bergger Brom 240 for bromoil, but it was discontinued due to lack of sales.

  7. Jerevan
    I think it has been mentioned also that the Foma Chamois papers should work, but I have not tested them. I haven't come around to testing the Fomabrom III 112 (matt surface) yet. Things are getting in the way...
  8. kompressor
    Today i tested Agfa 118MCC. It looks like this paper is great for bromoil, but the emulsion started to bubble some places after i used the hog hair brushes and a rubber roller.It almost looked like Polaroid emulsion ready to transfer. Any one here who have had this experience with Agfa MCC118?
  9. Gene_Laughter
    Agfa MCC 118 paper, of course, was discontinued when Agfa went out of business several years ago. It was my favorite paper for bromoil and I have inked hundreds of bromoil prints on Agfa MCC 118. I miss it! A hard rubber roller used to apply ink will blister and lift the emulsion of most papers, perhaps all, if rolled rapidly and with force. I only use soft foam decorator's rollers.
  10. Gene_Laughter
    I commented that a hard rubber roller can lift the emulsion when applying ink. The same holds true when clearing ink. I seldom use any roller on the surface of a bromoil print except SOFT foam. Some, like Ernie Theisen and Joy Goldfine, are successful with hard rollers with very light rolling in one direction only.
  11. Gene_Laughter
    OOps - that's Joy Goldkind, not Goldfine. And, she's, a very good friend of mine. Sorry, Joy!!!
  12. pcyco

    i have joined this group as a complete newbie. so please be peaceful with me.
    im at he point for looking around and get everything to try this kind of photographic process.

    i get the colour. i get the rolls and the brushes i need, i have all the other things ( expect the bleach) but dont know which paper to use.
    the only dedicated paper i can order in my webshop is the "Imago Photographic Bromoil FB".

    i have some other fb paper at home. can i also try this, or is it only wasting time?
    i have some rollei paper glossy and matte and some foma .

    maybe a silly question but the resources in german are not so much and so i only got an english book (and my english is often not good enough to understand everything completely right),
    is it possible to make bromoilswith pe/rc papers? (when i understood everything right it must be no)

    thanks for helping foreward
    ps.: Joy Goldkinds video online is great!!!
  13. Jerevan

    If you are looking at finding german literature on Bromoil, I think it is down to either finding Das Bromöldruckverfahren by Emil Mayer in one of the various editions (preferably as late as possible) or History and practice of Oil and Bromoil printing by Luis Nadeau (ISBN 0-9690841-1-0 for the english version) which also seems to be translated into german as Geschichte und Praxis des Öl- und Bromoldrucks in 1992.

    The Emil Mayer books are quite old (from between 1912 and late 1920s) and of course the materials mentioned are long gone, but I think you will get a lot of good information from it anyway.

    As for paper, I think matt or semimatt fibre paper is a good start, such as Kentmere Finegrain. RC paper is harder to start with, it smears too easily. I also know that Fotoimpex.de has had a bit of the Efke Bromoil paper, but I remember Mirko saying something about it being a bit old and it might have lost a bit of contrast (not neccessarily a bad thing).

    Hope that helps a bit along the way!
  14. pcyco
    hallo, jerevan

    thankyou that helps a lot.

    analog greetings

  15. niemolens
    Hello Thomas,
    I am a newbie too, having not managed to go to the paper stage ( only films so far ) I got Joerg Pfaeffinger's book " Der Bromoeldruck", ISBN 3-89506-240-5, Lindemans Verlag.
    My inspriations however I get form APUG, especially from Gene Laughter.

    Regards, alles Gute, Thomas (Austrian, living in South Africa)
  16. van eynde ludo
    van eynde ludo
    Kentmere vc fineprint F.G. , Wiliie-jan Jeroen de Wijs( veghel) has made some broomolie's whit this paper. Hy hase made this whit de importer from the kentmere paper in de Benelux.
  17. pcyco

    a maybe silly question: is it possible to make bromoilprints with glossy paper??

    thanks for helping


  18. van eynde ludo
    van eynde ludo
    Ho nows the Imago Photographic Broomoil FB in 20x30.5 and 30.5x40.5. It is by sale at www.foto-riegler.at
  19. pcyco

    i know them very well.
    write direct to them, i´m sure you will get an answer.
    maybe you can get some samples.

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