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Kirk and the Rawlin's Oil Process

  1. Gene_Laughter
    Yo! Kirk. 'Just read about your demo for the RPS coming up next October. Congrats! Maybe you could verbally walk us through your Oil Process methodology here?

    Best! Gene

  2. Jerevan
    Yeah, that would be nice, Kirk! Would also be great to see more of your work.
  3. kirkslog
    Hi kirk here pardon.s for not responding to you posting,s due to working night's soon as I get a scanner I'll post some images....I should be at the Paris eurobrom this year with my oil-transfer prints..most of my images are of neolithic-ring and cup rock carvings they have been around for 4000 years and are now wearing away fast due to acid rain so its my mission to photograph and produce oil-transfer prints which should last longer than the real rock thing..if any one is around OSSETT West Yorkshire U.K this thursday 25th February 2010 I'm giving a talk and demonstration of the Rawlins oil-process starts 19.30..............kirk
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