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Hi everyone!

  1. terri
    Just joined the group after getting Jerevan's kind invitation. I'm happy to see any group discussion/promotion involving the bromoil process, as well as to be able to see everyone's work!

    This has been a process that has fascinated me since I first came across an odd chapter devoted to it in a book about alternative photographic processes. I love it because it's done so easily, starting in the darkroom, unlike many alt processes that require contact printing. I take so many breaks between work sessions (life, job get in the way) that I always feel like I'm starting over when I approach this process.

    Finding new papers is always a challenge, too. I'm on my last box of Agfa MCC118 which I keep in my freezer exclusively for bromoil. Once it runs out I imagine I'll move to the Kentmere semi-matte - although I thought I'd read that the emulsion formula had been changed in the last year or two. Is this true and, if so, has it affected the process in any way?

    Happy to be on board! I made several matrices but only inked ONE bromoil print last year. As it's my most recent, I'll post it here.

  2. Jerevan
    Hi Terri,

    Good to have you on-board here. At the moment it's a bit of slow going around here, but I hope things will pick up in time. I also hope more of you show more bromoils, maybe we can do a sort of talk around one particular bromoil and discuss technique and things around the process in making it?
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