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Brownie and similar cameras

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  1. B&Jdude
    mhcfires: Hmmm. Well, I don't have the 2A cameras any more as I gave them, along with a box for a Brownie No. 2, to our local museum. I will stick with the No. 2 Brownies since I can always get 120 film for them and don't have to mess with rolling the stuff.

    . . . guess I'm just lazy!

  2. Ektagraphic
    I have brownie Reflex and I love it to death. It is such an awesome camera!!
  3. jasonh
    You can easily modify a 2a to accept 120. I just put some spacers in there to hold a 120 roll in the center, use a 116 takeup spool, and drilled a hole in the middle of the back and put a red filter on it. Using numbers 2,4,6,8,10,12 should work - haven't verified since I did that mod though (my first roll I was using the bottom window and thought I had it right, but everything overlapped.)

    -I have a brown No. 2a Model B - had to replace bellows. Just used some brown vinyl in the proper shape...not an actual bellows as that turned out to be very tough. So I just don't fold it closed The 1/50th setting on the shutter doesn't work properly, it sticks open I should be running some film through it this weekend.
    -Have a Brownie Hawkeye Flash. Use a 120 in the supply side, and 620 spool for takeup. Need to get a second one, because you can flip the lens for closer focus. Love that camera.
    -Have a Baby Brownie Special. Haven't run film through it yet. Found a roll of film from the 60's in it, and developed it just for fun. Some interesting winter family photos on it. Plan on respooling 35mm onto the 127 spools.
  4. Removed Account2
    I miss pictures of your gems here! I will post a picture of mine, and hope some of you wiill do the same
  5. hairygit
    Hi everyone, how nice to find a group dedicated to Brownies My collection of Brownies started when my good lady bought me a 620 popular Brownue from a charity shop, saying "I know you like old things, see if you can get this working" Well, that was the start of it, I now have 11 no2 Brownies, the 620 popular Brownie, a 620 Brownie model D, a 620 Brownie model F, a No2 folding Brownie Autographic, and a 620 folding Brownie. All are now working fine, and are great fun to use, and take some incredible photos, especially considering the simplicity of them.They seem to work well with 100 ASA film, 400ASA is definitely not so good, over exposed and washed out! Have yet to try 50ASA or slower, but that is a later project! The only problem I have found is that modern films tend to have dark backing papaer, which makes trying to read the frame numbers through the red window a right pain. Can anyone let me know any film brands that still use yellow backing paper? Anyway, enough of my waffle for now, who needs a Hassy or mamiya when you have a Brownie!
  6. Two23
    I always use ISO 400 b&w film in my Brownie Hawkeye. I control exposure by using either a yellow filter (1- stop), an orange filter (-2 stops) or a red filter (-3 stops.) This gives me a lot more latitude to take photos in lower light levels, and in bright light the filters really help kick up the contrast too.

    Kent in SD
  7. hairygit
    I'll have to give 400 asa a try in some of the later 620 brownies, the later ones have a yellow filter built in, but I don't see a way of using it with the no2 brownies, other than to use the pull up stop lever, no way of fitting a filter that I can see! Anyway, thanks for the advice, and if anyone knows of a film with yellow backing paper, I'd love to know about it, thanks.
  8. MarvinOne
    I found you! I knew there had to be a group of people using old box cameras somewhere, and I'm relieved to know I'm not alone! I have some Brownies as well as a few other brands. If it's a box camera, I want it! I've only ran a couple rolls through them with less than great results, but I'm just getting started! For everyone out there, an internet search will show how people are running various films through their old cameras and some have great results. I just put in 35mm to my Brownie Bullseye hoping to get some cool shots, but I've got to get out and use it now. I'll post results if I can!
  9. pinhole_dreamer
    YAY! I found the Brownie group! I have a Model 2A - just bought some 120 film for it - have the spacers already...and a Brownie Holiday. I'm always looking for another Brownie when I go to the second hand shops and the like. So far, in the 2A, I've just been using photo paper. Works like a charm.
  10. woosang
    Good tp see a group on brownies.. I have recently converted a digital shooter friend to Brownies and he bought two the same day!! LOL.
    He has the virus..

    I love my boxes. I have been selling off my russian cameras to buy more brownies.. Oh dear!!

    I recently did a hack of 120 to 620 that worked for boxes so I no longer re-spool. It works fine.

    A happy girl indeed!
  11. woosang
    umm @ pinhole_dreamer a model 2A takes 116 film..... A model 2 takes 120. Your numbers will not line up. But it will still work :-)

    EDIT OOPS you have a work aroudn so COOL!! :-) I mis-read your post
  12. D1v1d
    I've a growing collection of No 2 Fs. Does anyone have an exposure chart - shutter speed and f stops? Example in the link from the beach this summer.
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