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Brownie and similar cameras

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  1. 2F/2F
    I love my Brownie No. 2 (6x9 on 120 film), but I have had some questions about it that seemingly don't have a lot of answers. I also am very interested in seeing the work of members who shoot with these cameras, and perhaps finding a small network of people with whom to trade historical info, modifications/improvements, and parts or whole cameras.

    I am having problems with mine right now, but hope to have it up and running again soon. The red window leaks light like a sieve, and the pressure spring that keeps the take up reel wound tightly has broken off.
  2. Valerie
    I have loads of old Brownies and such. Just need a little "nudge" to take them out.....
  3. Akki14
    You might as well buy a new Brownie rather than fix a broken one. They're common and cheap at least over here. Go for the No.2 Model F if you want tripod sockets to go with your bulb mode (wow, really, they went that many models having Bulb mode and yet no tripod sockets...). I've been vaguely playing with the portrait lens I bought for my Brownie(s) for 50p at a camera show. It's taking some time to get used to 5ft as being "close" ...
  4. cordeliaflyte
    Hi 2F. I'm always willing to rescue a very-old-camera... well, if it's free or less than $5. I have several Brownie box cameras kicking around, and love them too. I love that something cardboard can work after 100 years. I believe I have a No. 2, like you, that takes 120 film, but it's missing a winding knob, I think. Easy enough to patch up, but it hasn't gotten itself on the project table yet. I do have a scan of a photo I took with a very similar Brownie box camera (the No. 0) that's a little smaller and takes 127 film. I'll post it to this group.

    The long formats of some of those old cameras are spectacular. I have an old Folding Hawkeye that takes 6x9 on 120. It's a great size.

    You can find a scan of the manual for your No 2 here

    You can find a photo of the original box this camera came in here

    (You can also waste hours on both of these websites learning about old cameras!)

    Try a bit of gaffers tape over the red window (just peak under it quickly when you're winding). The spring sounds like an easy fix with tape and some bit of something (bent paper clips?). But like Akki says, these cameras are also kind of a dime a dozen, so you might also want to just look for another and/or use one or the other for parts.

    Have fun!

    annie (aka cordelia)
  5. Guillaume Zuili
    Guillaume Zuili
    I have always wanted to play with these. Very interested to see some pictures too. I already like this one Annie.
  6. Guillaume Zuili
    Guillaume Zuili
    Didn't figure out how to add a pic here. Posted two on the gallery.
  7. Rolleiflexible
    I was just bemoaning the
    lack of a Brownie Club on
    APUG ... then saw this
    group. I've just started
    shooting Brownies. Glad
    to see a cult thriving here. :-)
  8. mhcfires
    I have a Brownie Target Six-20 which I use regularly. I respool 120 film onto 620 spools and take my eight shots. I develop it myself. I also recently picked up a Brownie No3A Folding Camera. I will be using that next.
  9. jnanian
    now, i gotta get my brownie!
  10. Guillaume Zuili
    Guillaume Zuili
    John, You already blow my mind with your Graflex... I want to see what you are going to do with a Brownie !
  11. Rolleiflexible
    Okay, I made another foray into the
    Wonderful World of Brownie -- a
    Portrait Brownie from the UK. So
    far as I can tell, it's a No. 2 Model
    F with a built-in portrait diopter,
    made only in the UK. I shot it today
    up on the roof and posted a scan:


    The blur isn't the lens -- it was a 1+
    second exposure, and it was a very
    blustery day so everything was in
    motion, Melanie included.

  12. Guillaume Zuili
    Guillaume Zuili
    Great warm up Sanders. Can't wait to see next step.
  13. Akki14
    Aw, I wish I had a model on hand like that. I bought a portrait lens to stick on my No. 2 Brownie(s), it came in a little tin and cost £0.25. Using bulb mode, some waxed paper and a candle, I figured the portrait lens means you can shoot no closer than about 5 feet.
  14. SteveinAlaska
    I just finished cleaning my No.2 Brownie F and it only took one cup of coffee to do it. I made a replacement mirror and used a few dabs of flat black model paint to cover the shiny spots inside. I am going to use a roll of Ilford Delta 100 for a start, but I am thinking that Ilford Pan F 50 might work better. Also have some Kodak Portra 400VC and 160VC for color. So the first question is.... what is your choice of film???
  15. filmamigo
    Hi all,

    I just picked up a Brownie Starflex in nice condition with the flash.

    I have a roll of 127 in the fridge waiting for this camera! Can't wait to see the results. I suspect it will give any Holga a run for their money...
  16. 2F/2F
    It'll be a lot nicer than the Holga, for sure. All of these old point and shoots are.
  17. B&Jdude
    Hello, folks. I just found this group forum . . . odd coincidence since I went out today and burnt up a bunch of film with a Brownie 2F, a 2E, and two No. 1 Panorams. I'm in the early learning stage with these old boxes, so I will be an attentive student here!

    EuGene Smith (aka Smiff)
    Arkansas hillbilly
  18. Akki14
    Okay maybe colour film at the right time of day in a Brownie is fantastic... (see pictures in group)
  19. mhcfires
    Am looking for some size 122 film for my Brownie 3A Folder. I need it for the backing paper and the spool. I'm going to get some 5inch aerial film and cut it down to fit. This camera is in great shape, has a really good lens.
  20. tony lockerbie
    tony lockerbie
    I have many Brownies, my favourite is the No.2 Portrait, and enjoy using them. In fact I thought I was the only one still doing so! post some shots soon.
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