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Hello, room for one more?

  1. SteveR
    Hi everyone,

    I'm fairly new to APUG, initially just came over here because a local feller started a LF group and invited me over, so, to be honest, I'm still learning to navigate my way around here and investigate all the dark corners!

    I saw this group, and thought it very fitting, I work almost exclusively with film, I have borrowed or hired digital kit in the past, but only in extreme cases where time was of the essence (ie, the last instance was when my partner and her colleague needed some last minute product shot for a new client pitch. No time for developing, ligth-boxing, scanning etc). I have, in the past, been plagued by the question: does film still have a place in commercial photography? If I'm perfectly honest, I do have days when I question whether it is still a viable, productive and efficient option.

    So anyway, I'm looking forward to being able to discuss all these issues with a group of people who aren't going to instantly reply with "no, you're antiquated, you need a D700 minimum to call yourself a photographer of any substance." ...gosh that puts me off of most forums!
  2. bighilt
    Hi Steve. Welcome
  3. bighilt
    Hi Steve. Welcome
  4. Marcus S
    Marcus S
    Hello Steve,
    Wonderful to see other commercial photographers who use film! I myself use film exclusively.
    Why does everything have to be instant? If a client requires quality photographs, they do not mind waiting a little.
    Most customers do not know that film can be digitized and that the combination of the two, provides the very best of both worlds.
    Once they see the results, they are quite impressed what film can do better.

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