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Marketing: What Works for You

  1. Derek Lofgreen
    Just joined the group. Things have been slow through the fall so far for me. I have begun doing the viral marketing stuff, email news letters, and pro-bono work but things are still slow. I have an idea for a new product that I will be introducing in the spring so that may change things.

    I was wondering if anyone has found anything beyond the obvious that we may be able to learn from. We don't need to hear the "make yourself a brand" stuff. Do you have a practical that seems to be bringing in business? Do you partner with local businesses, etc.? The web alone doesn't seem to be a silver bullet, what you do to drive traffic to your site and increase inquiries and bookings. That sort of stuff.

    There are so few of us here I hope that we can get some real suggestions and ideas going. I really don't view you as a competitors but more of peers. So lets encourage and support one another here and see if we can help each other out. I will post progress I make with any of my ideas and attempts in my business.

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