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just another post seeking opinions on pricing, a new situation for me though...

  1. SteveR
    Good afternoon all,

    to be honest, I feel a little silly having just posted a reply to Joe's thread but now posting my own question on product pricing

    Anyway, I wouldn't mind just getting a few opinions from folks who may have been in situations similar to this in their business life and can maybe give me some hints. I have been approached today by a stationery manufacturer here in Australia wanting to comission me to supply (fairly specific) images for a new range of greeting cards they're launching. It's only a fairly small range, 22 cards (out of a 400 design range). I'm a little confused because, well, I could sell the 22 images as I would normal prints, in say, a 5x7 size (they'll probably be used much smaller though) and be done with it, but in a situation like this, how do you deal with your release, reproduction etc? ie, I'm not selling my prints here, just my services, which would usually come with a limited usage etc.

    How do yo uapproach a situation where you're effectively selling not just your images, but your exclusive rights to them? I think that's the thing I'm having trouble quantifying, what is the exclusive right to my work worth?

    I'd be happy to hear any thoughts on this, whether they be sound financial advice, or philosophical musings on the concept of "Exclusivity". Thanks guys (& gals), really appreciate it.

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