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hello large format group

  1. phillip2446

    i guess i am the newest member to the group. i have not seen any activity on this for awhile.
    i am interested in getting together with a few people on the island and do geek talk about large format, film
    and other topics. i just started shooting 8x10 and am interested in conversing with others.

    i go to the island once a month so hopefully we can get a group together while i am there

    let me know if anyone is interested in getting this group back up and running


  2. PhotoKen
    Hi there.
    By the looks of it I am the newest member of this group. I would be interested in meeting others of like mind to chat. I love in Port Alice on the far north end of the island and some times it is like living in a vacuum. It is a beautiful place all the same just lacks human contact with others interested in larger forma cameras and all that goes along with it.
    Hope to hear from someone out there.
  3. Dave Swinnard
    Dave Swinnard
    Hi Guys

    I'm in the Parksville area and after spending over a year renovating our house (to the exclusion of most everything "fun") I am finally getting to put a darkroom back together (instead of just walking around the boxes and bit of equipment piled on the garage). Once that is progressed far enough to look like I can process film "soon" I will actually get out and start shooting again.

    So, if either of you (or anybody else who happens to be available) want to get together, I'd be interested in hearing about it.

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