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Island APUGers?

  1. BradleyK
    So...where are you all hiding? Although I joined the group only a short time ago (a "Mainlander" here), I haven't seen much activity on the board. Too busy out shooting? Given the geographic diversity of the Island (hell, the astonishing beauty of the Island), I am further astonished at the lack of work shown in the gallery (I will post some after my next excursion in the New Year - Hamsterly Beach Polar Bear Swim on New Year's day/ some street shooting in Victoria/Sidney waterfront, etc).
  2. Dave Swinnard
    Dave Swinnard
    Well, I'm still here, but I'm not a prolific poster... Not really hiding - I've been busy building my darkroom. Having spent 16 months renovating the house we moved into here a year and a half ago I finally got the go-ahead to start the darkroom. Due to a wide range of commitments (not work, retired a while back) it's been a lot slower going than I had hoped it would be.

    I started with the empty back half of a backyard garage (complete with a heaved, split concrete floor). Today I put the primer on the dividing wall (1/2 darkroom, 1/2 workshop/storage). Tomorrow I should get the paint on and then the wiring can be completed. I had to put the sink in before the wall went up as an eight foot sink wouldn't fit through the door and slide into place in an 8' 1" space.

    Once it's finally done (early new year) I can start to process the film I've got in the freezer and get to printing again. I've been without a darkroom for over two years now (longest stint w/o darkroom since I was 11) and have an extensive backlog of "things to do".

    I did run into another like-minded fellow nearby (he's on Gabriola) with a new darkroom when he posted on the LF forum and his sink caught my eye. We've met once and agreed to spend some time shooting/printing this spring when he returns from Toronto.

    I'm not really a picture poster, but who knows...

    Cheers for now, and all the best of the season.

    BTW, some more comments on my project at: http://www.largeformatphotography.in...arkroom/page51 post 504
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