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Kind of quiet...

  1. Dave Swinnard
    Testing, testing...anybody still out there looking at this group?

    Almost achieved "first dark" in my new darkroom today, but I found a little light leak around a sealed up window. A little caulking tomorrow and I shall have dark again for the first time in over two years since I dismantled the last darkroom before moving to the Island. (Yesterday I had to cut four inches from the legs of the new enlarger bench...forgot I had to raise the floor a bit to level it due to the large crack in the concrete - but the was before I finished the bench...not after as would be my usual fate.)

    Cheers to all you folks in our part of paradise (and whomever else might run across this)

  2. BradleyK
    The quiet? Could be that many of us have been out there taking advantage of an unusually sunny (read: dry) summer. I know that has certainly been true in my case; my backlog of unprocessed black and white has twice reached embarassing proportions, the result being two trips to The Lab to have my negatives processed! As well, Monday am will see an excursion downtown to turn in several dozen rolls of E100G/VS to be processed. Life in paradise indeed!!
  3. BradleyK
    Up in your neck of the woods today, Dave. Took the Hasselblads out for a spin (loaded several A12s with PanF+ and a pair with E100G) at Parksville and Cathedral Grove. A short day, but the winter light was gorgeous...and, well, the scenery...
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