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  1. Thorney

    I thought it would be nice to have a group for APUG folk for the Island. So if you're out there, please join in the discussion or feel free to start a new discussion.

    Not that we have anything against mainlanders... but we have a unique and very beautiful home island and most of us prefer to stay put on the Western 'Rock'

    We always like to here from non-Islanders but keep in mind that this group is so we insular ones can network, schmooze, and who knows - maybe even get together for a shoot or put on an exhibition.

    My name is Thorney and I moved back to the Island last November from the mainland. I was born and raised in the Cowichan Valley. I studied photography at Emily Carr in the 1980s and hope there's other alum out there. I am also an alumnus of the Graduate Liberal Studies program at SFU.

    I have been doing analogue photography since the age of eleven, some 36 years now. I have the following film cameras/equipment:

    Contax 139Q with 50 1.7 and 85 2.8 T* Zeiss lenses.
    Canon FTb (my first SLR)
    Rollei 35S with the good Sonnar
    Bronica ETRSi with 50mm 80mm and 150mm lenses and a compendium, speed grip, non-metered prism and 120/220/135N/135W/Polaroid backs.
    Calumet CC401 4x5 (rotating back) with compendium
    Shen-Hao 4x5 HZX45-IIA
    Ansco 8x10

    LF Lenses: 135mm Schneider, 210 Wide Field Apo Raptar barrel, 210 Caltar-S, 240 Goerz Dagor Gold Rim in Alphax shutter, 305 Apo Nikor Barrel, 360 Sironar-N,420 Apo Nikor Barrel - and I'm sure I'm forgetting one or two.

    I use a Zone VI modified Pentax analogue spotmeter V, and a Quantum Calcu-Lite XP for metering. Also the f16 rule and my d200 on occasion.

    Beseler 45MX Enlarger with all the lenses from 50 to 150. Zone VI cold light, Besler Dichroic and Condenser heads.

    As for the digital heresy, I have a Nikon D200 with 50mm 1.8 prime, 10-20 Sigma pro series, and the 18-70 kit lens.

    Epson Scanner and Canon i9900 large format printer.

    I presently have no darkroom facilities and am on the lookout for something. Part of why I want to start a group is to see if anyone in the Victoria/Cowichan area might have some available facilities.

    I have done all kinds of photography from commercial to fine art. My work has been in Artropolis and several other exhibitions. I have not shown for several years now and do not take commercial work due to my artistic temperment and lack of the self-promotion gene.

    So what's under your mattress? Please share.

  2. walter23
    Hey Thorney; there's a whole bunch of us out here

    I have a whole pile of cameras, and I like to shoot trees. Trees, as you know, are popular subjects but don't make for popular prints, mostly I also really like IR though, apart from some fiddling with outdated HIE (4x5! wish I had more...), and a bit of digital IR, I haven't been able to nail down my process yet. Have a couple of boxes of Efke IR to get started on one of these days...

    Now, despite my tree obsession I don't really restrict myself to any particular subject. I really like to go out and search for things; photography is a treasure hunting exercise for me. I find something interesting and try to shoot it. I also have a lot of ideas for projects that just haven't really taken off yet; I guess that's a common problem.

    As for cameras;
    Couple of 9x12 Voigtlanders (avus & bergheil).
    Shen hao 4x5
    Conley 8x10 (needs bellows!)
    Speed graphic
    Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta (6x6), lubitel 166, rolleiflex
    Various other medium format and antique folding atrocities

    And a canon digital SLR kit that I mainly use for insect macrophotography (often > 1:1) & vacation photos. I lust after an MP-E 65mm 1-5x macro lens...

    On the subject of a social group, awhile ago we got a bit of a mailing list started for LF users - feel free to join up at google groups. Good way to get in touch with other photographers around here, and obviously as a large format oriented group we're also analogue friendly

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