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Canon EOS 35mm Group

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  1. gwhitegeog
    You should have no problems with the 600 series bodies and IR film. I used an RT (essentially a 600) last summer with IR film. There were problems reported using the Technical backs, etc and also on some of the later EOS that used an infra red sensor (like the EOS 100) but these shouldn't be a problem for you. You'll have more fun experimenting with the right filters for the lens! Gary
  2. timbo10ca
    I was wondering how I would use my ultra modern Canon 580EXII Speedlight with my ultra dated Yashica Mat 124. I know I have to plug into the X sync (assuming it's working), but with what kind of cord????
  3. gwhitegeog
    You can use the 580EX no problem (in manual mode). You will need to use Guide No tables to work out f-stops. In terms of a connector, you can by a female x-synch hot shoe adaptor (with a centre contact pin) that connects to the speedlite, which has a male synch cord connector at the other end which will go into the Yashica. That should work.

  4. jay7002
    Hi Guys, my first post on APUG!
    nice to see an EOS group. i have the 1V HS, which i bought second hand from a local shop who couldn't sell it, so i got it for a steal. (€300) about 5 months ago. I have a Canon 50mm 1.8 and a Sigma 28-300. much prefer using the prime 50mm but the sigma is a usefull lens. i also have an AE1 which i absolutly love taking pictures with and gives great results.
  5. alanrockwood
    Anyone else like me using a lowly Rebel film camera?

    I have five of them (six if you count a dead one) and one daughter and one son also have one each. I have two rebel T2, two rebel 2000, and one rebel X. I like them. They deliver a lot of bang for the buck, though they aren't perfect of course.

    My wife has a Rebel XTi digital camera, and the lens interchangeability (mostly) between my cameras and hers is convenient.

    Lenses I have: a sigma 24mm, a canon 50mm f/1.4, a canon 24-85mm zoom, a canon 28-135mm IS zoom, and a sigma 70-300mm zoom. I might also have one or two entry level kit zoom lenses tucked away somewhere. I mostly use the 50mm and 28-135mm lenses

    Accessories I have: a couple of the canon two element diopter close up lenses, a generic remote release, a couple of crummy tripods, a cheapo monopod, some filters, a sigma 500 DG Super flash, and a few other odds and ends.

    Every once in a while I manage to make a good photo with my entry level equipment.

    Lenses I would like to have: a 100mm f/2, a 24-105mm IS zoom, a sigma 50mm f/1.4, and maybe a macro lens and a 400mm or 500mm telephoto.

    Other accessories I would like to get: a good tripod, some studio lighting, and about a million other things.

  6. gwhitegeog
    The good thing about running Canon EOS 35mm equipment is that these 'old' lenses (even old Sigmas) work well. All the Sigma EX DG lenses that work on new digital SLR cameras will also work on these old ones, with very good focussing, etc. I also picked up at 1V bargain and I have the lovely 1N RS which I use a lot - another camera that I picked up for a song. I'll continue to have a big smile, as long as they dont stop making 35mm film!

  7. Keith Tapscott.
    Keith Tapscott.
    I`m not new to apug, but I am new as a paid subscriber and to joining groups on this site. I have owned a Canon EOS 600 from new and fairly recently bought a secondhand EOS-1V which I also like using. The images I have added to the group so far are all taken with the EOS 600. I also have two Mamiya 6x7`s, an MPP 5x4 and an old Sinar Norma 8x10.
  8. white.elephant
    I am a Canon shooter from pretty far back (the mid-1970's). I became re-energized in shooting film in the 2003-2004 time frame, and since I had bought as couple new Canon lenses to go on my 10D, I wanted a Canon film camera to use with those lenses. So, I purchased (used) a Canon EOS-1n. I like it quite a bit, but I didn't get a manual with it, so some functions are invisible to me. Does anyone know where I can get a manual for the camera?
  9. gwhitegeog
    You should be able to download the PDF here (I just checked that it worked).
    The Eos Documentation Project has most stuff and links to external sites:


    Good luck

  10. cooltouch
    Howdy folks,

    I've been a Canon user since the early 1980s, started out on an AE-1, then bought an A-1, then took a giant step forward (some would say backward) and got into the older FD cameras -- specifically the FTb and old F-1. Going to all-manual cameras really helped me develop a sense for the photographic process, the way no automated wonder can. But times change. I bought my wife an original EOS Rebel back in 1990, which she used a little and I used a lot. After the Rebel developed shutter bounce a few years ago, I retired it and bought a second-hand Elan IIe. Big difference. The IIe, although primitive by today's standards, is a very capable shooter. I like it a lot. We have a modest assortment of lenses to go with it, which include the 35-80/4-5.6 that came with the Rebel, the 28-80 II USM that came with the Elan, and a first generation 70-210 f/4 that I picked up used shortly after buying the rebel. Tell you what, that old 70-210 may focus slow, but it takes tack-sharp photos.

    This past Christmas, my wife bought me my first decent digital camera -- an EOS Rebel XS. A good little shooter. But because the XS is a "crop" camera, the EF-S lenses will work only with it, and since I'm not ready to retire the IIe yet, I've decided that any future lens purchase will be EF and not EF-S glass. The better ones cost more, but in my view they're worth it, no matter how you want to slice it.

    I have a question for the group: given the drastic devaluation in 35mm camera prices, which EOS would you buy? I used to think that an EOS-1 in its various iterations, was out of my reach, but not any more. Would you spring for one of these, or is something like the Elan 7e a better choice? Me, I think a late generation EOS-1 would be the way to go.
  11. gwhitegeog
    I'd go for the best you can buy. The cheaper 'amateur' models don't last as well. If you can get a EOS1 or more likely a 1N (much better focussing) IN RT / 1V or EOS 3 your are in business. Even the circa 1995 50E (I am not sure if it had a different name in the US) is a great camera. To my mind, the 1V looks like a fantastic buy on eBay or a good dealer at the moment. I'd go for one of those or a 1N. Gary
  12. bensonga
    Hi folks. Just thought I'd introduce myself. I purchased a very lightly used EOS 1V and PB-E2 a few days ago (it should arrive here in Alaska tomorrow). Figured now was a good time to buy what is probably Canon's last pro level film camera. I have quite a few EF lenses which I've used with an Elan 7E and assorted DSLRs. I haven't shot much 35mm film for a few years, mostly medium format, but thought I'd give it a try again. Any tips on the EOS 1 series I should know about from the get go?

  13. andrewc
    Hi everyone. I've been a Canon user since the early 90s, starting with my A2, and currently shoot a 30D and a lovely 1vHS. I'm also shooting a very nice Canon FTb, but that's for another group. I love the EOS system but, truth be told, I love just about every camera system I own. If any of you are in a position to acquire a 1v/HS don't pass up the chance...it's the nicest camera I've ever used, film or digital!

  14. gwhitegeog
    Gary, you won't look back with the 1V - it's the real pinnacle. Just about everything is perfect. Viewfinder, metering, flash, etc. Battery life is good and the multi spot metering fantastic. It's responsive in a way few digital cameras are.

  15. BirgerA
    Hello all
    Just joined this group. Main camera is my EOS 3 when shooting 135-format. Very happy with it, and I've recently 'inherited' my wifes EOS-10S as she has moved on to the d****** side (but still with a EOS).

    I got the EOS 3 as a bargain new in 2002, as a store in Berlin had a sale on high end film cameras as a response to the intorduction of DSLRs. They were amazed to the response they had, and as a lucky tourist I got the last EOS 3 they had.


    Birger A.
  16. sidearm613
    Hi all!

    never got around to this earlier...

    I have a Rebel K2. Its a cheap student camera, something of a modern day K1000, but hey, its a fine black box at least for now.
    I'm trying to start shooting bigger negatives, but I like my K2, with one complaint.... BATTERIES! This thing chugs CR2 batteries like no camera I have ever seen! I just thought I could rant about that for a second. I'm sort of in the market for a 1v (better for the infrared anyways...)
  17. AutumnJazz
    Hey guys. I'm looking at getting an EOS-1V off of craigslist or ebay. Is there anything I should know or consider first?

    Oh, and the 28mm ƒ/1.8 lens, too.
  18. gwhitegeog
    (Sorry for the delay in the reply. I am going to monitoring the forum every day now).
    The 1V is a great camera, probably the pinnacle. It is very intuitive to use, with that lens it'll be very versatile. Consider the 'cheap' 85mm f1.8 too!
  19. lilmsmaggie
    Hi All! Newbie in the house with a couple a canons. 40D, and ELAN 7E. Learning to shoot B&W and lov'n it. The 7E is a recent acquisition that came with BP-300 but I have yet to put it through its paces -- Maybe I'll get that chance this weekend. Actually, a coworker has a vintage NAVY trainer biplane that she's gonna let me photograph next week, so maybe I'll just wait.
  20. Poisson Du Jour
    Poisson Du Jour
    Hello all,

    Eventually, I'll get a GPS to navigate around APUG; I found this "social group" quite by accident!!

    My working camera is the EOS 1N with PDBE-1 (loaded with FR6/lithium AAs), purchased off eBay (Sydney, Australia) from an Estate in 2004 (meaning it only got use photographing the grand-child's christening, 2 birthdays and a funeral), so it came near-mint, with only 38 rolls on the clock. Coded 'Brutus' (for the loud gasps when somebody wants to manhandle it and are then disgusted by its 2.5kg weight — that being with TS-E 24 3.5L) ), it is used for all production on Velvia 50, 100F or Provia 100F (Provia 100F will be switched to 6x9 in Pinhole format soon) that goes through to Ilfochrome. A number of people have comments on framed Ilfochromes that they thought the work came from large format (as if I have that much patience...).

    Prior to landing 'Brutus', I used an EOS 5 body for 13 years. The internal and external displays fade out when it is cold, wet and moist — a product of getting very wet in rainforests in Tasmania in I think, autumn of 1998. I have a soft spot for the EOS 5 despite having not used it for quite some time now, such being the attraction of the 1N and its command of the light.

    'Brutus' has got quite wet (read: drenched) recently in rainforest studies but soldiers on irrespective of how bedraggled and cold the operator is. So that's my 2c worth: anybody who thinks the 'old guard' of EOS bodies isn't up to the rough stuff, the proof is in the work I bring back.
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