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Canon EOS 35mm Group

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  1. dances_w_clouds
    Hello Canon people. I have been a member of APUG for many years. I have been around Canons since the 70's (yes I am old) I was always with the Canon A bodies. I now have A1, AE-1p, FT, FTb and a F1n. I just loved the durability of the FD lenses and the FL. Now I have a Canon EOS Rebel K2,Rebel S, Rebel Ti as well as a Elan IIe.& 7e The best thing for me now is using these cameras with my older FD lenses. There is an enormous selection of adapters now available on the auction site some good some not (what do you expect for $30). Yes a I have a few EF lenses as well. 28-80mm & 35-105mm
    Not very many people I meet have any discouraging words to say about Canon equipment. They have proven to me that they can take the pressures of an adventurist.
    I use film only film so with the Canon selection I should have a fairly good supply until I go to that great darkroom in the sky !!
    I also do MF (Mamiya) If Canon would have made MF I would have one of those also. Many of my camera associate always wondered why Canon never expanded to MF. I never had a good explanation about that either.
  2. gwhitegeog
    (Interestingly. Canon are rumoured to be producing a MF digital camera soon). I was using an EOS 1N RS yesterday with TMAX 3200 film. It was a pleasurable experience. The old 1970 FD Canons still work well and can still be serviced.
  3. BillBallard
    It's good to see this group here. Canon EOS 3 shooter here. It's a great workhorse of a camera; in fact, I have two!
  4. dances_w_clouds
    I like the edit post option that is with groups. I added 2 more Canons to my collection since November and the post is EDITED. My next Canon purchase is the EOS 3. I have been watching my usual connections and I should have one before this year ends. They are usually available when I don't have extra cash and vice versa. Things will equal out soon enough. But if a T90 shows up it will take priority over the EOS 3. (OK OK I'll get both)
  5. RobPhoto
    Hi I was an Olympus OM man for years but got into the EOS world when I needed reliable autofocus in the 90's with a 1000 model. Now use EOS digital plus an EOS 10 and 5 which I have acquired for Black and White film. I was tempted by the EOS 3 but the 5 was much better value and the quirky 10 is a solid performer if you get one in good condition. Any other 10 users? I've not got the bar code reader for the 10 but not convinced its an essential add on.
  6. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Canon EOS film users;

    It is suprising to see how many people I recognize in this group who also are found in other forums. It does seem that we share a common affliction; an addiction to cameras.

    While I am best known for my Minolta SLR cameras, there are other marques in the stable as well. There is even a Canon Digital Single Lens Reflex camera or two. It is this last one that proved to be my undoing in this realm. My local friendly camera pusher looked at me and said; "You have Canon digital cameras, don't you?" He knew very well that I do. I admitted to him that I do. Then he handed to me a Canon EOS Elan. An original Elan from about 1991. He spoke of a very attractive price for it, pointing out that I already have lenses that will go onto it. Then he opened the back intending to show me the inside, and he spoke some discouraging words indicating that we were no longer on the range. At this point he mentioned a price that can only be described as "a steal." The camera does have a bit of a shutter problem that will need work in the near future. He knows that I will be back for the repair when the time arrives. I paid him his requested $ 10.00 USD (Ten Dollars) for the Elan and left. Now I have another marque in the stable.


    Latte Land, Washington
  7. dances_w_clouds
    Just picked up a Canon EOS Elan 7e.
  8. SilverGlow
    Hey everyone...I love the EOS system and my DSLR's aside, I most often use my EOS 1v, wow what a body! I've did something irrational and bought a brand new one from B&H in the box, and then found one in mint condition on eBay for half. Both have the 8 AA-battery vertical grip. Also got three EOS 3 bodies that I picked for a song years ago...all in perfect condition. I shot about 5-8 rolls of B&W film every week, so they get used very often.

    Someone mentioned the CR5S (spelling?) batteries.....my biggest concern is that the day will come when that battery is no longer made....for this reason I would suggest to all EOS shooters to get AA-battery grips for your body, if they're available because long after the CR5S is out of production, the AA's will be around.

    I've got about 8 EOS L primes that I can interchange between my EOS DSLR's and my EOS SLR's...what could be better?!? Same for flashes too....I love that the EOS 1v uses E-TTL, and it works great with my EOS 580ex Flashes.
  9. CD55
    Hi All,

    Nice to see a group dedicated to the Canon EOS film cameras. I've owned an EOS Elan/100 since 1992 and my current lenses are 28-80mm USM 1:3.5-5.6 II, 75mm-300mm USM 1:4-5.6, 50mm 1.8 and a 540EZ flash. I might upgrade the lenses since I know there are better ones out there. Anyway glad to be here.
  10. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, CD55 and SilverGlow;

    CD55, welcome to the group. It is nice to learn that we have people here with extensive experience with the EOS Elan Series. Having just purchased my first Elan, I might need some assistance if something is discovered that is not covered in the copy of the Owner's Manual that was also located.

    SilverGlow, I had not considered the possible problem with batteries. Also I am someone who does not often trade in things just because something else is newer and has become available. The thought of a battery holder that will accept the ubiquitous AA cell is very good. I have also suggested such a thing with small handheld radios in the amateur radio or ham radio community, but had not thought of it for cameras. Thank you.

    And, my association with the Canon EOS film cameras is one where I came into it backwards. As is discernable from reading my original posting, I have Canon DSLR already, so there are some EF and EF-S lenses here already. That was my undoing with my local friendly camera pusher. The EF-S lenses may not go on, but the EF ones certainly do.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  11. paulgallinule
    Hi guys, new to APUG, I've a eos 1n, bought it second hand two years ago for €350 I think, haven't looked back, started over twenty years ago on a AE1 which is still on the go, put the odd roll of film through it, great seeing this group, I've a few lens, mainly canon, some sigma and a tokina macro. Moving a little into the medium format stable, mainly for landscape, larger neg and all that, wont give up the canon, great for wildlife and everything else.

    Regards from Ireland, Paul Whiteley
  12. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, all;

    One of the things I had heard about my Canon Elan 35mm cameras (yes, I have two now) is that you could not use Infra Red film with them, but I did not hear why. Now I know. A very kind and patient fellow explained that there is an IR LED and a long wave light sensor visible to the upper right of the focal plane shutter when you open the back of the camera. That is the source of the Infra Red Radiation that fogs the film. Also it is a neat system that counts the sprocket holes in the film and stops the film advance mechanism at just exactly the right point for proper positioning of the film and the next exposure.

    Another development here is the acquisition of a Tamron 15x "Wonderlens," their 3.5-6.3/18-270mm zoom lens. While it was purchased mainly for use on the Canon Digitals, it is a Canon EF lens mount, and it also fits onto the Canon EOS Elan. Nice. This really is a "do-it-all" lens and will cover just about any situation you will encounter where you do not want to open up the camera when changing lenses due to rain, snow, blowing dust or sand, smoke, salt spray, et cetera. It has replaced two of my Canon zoom lenses in many applications.


    Latte Land, Washington
  13. spacer
    I still have my old Rebel X, though it's been packed and in storage pending our move to Alabama. I also have a newer XSi D****L camera that gets a lot of use. While my current in-use 35mm camera is a Nikon FM10, I'd like to pick up one of these now-bargain high end EOS cameras. I'm thinking about an A2, 1 or 3, and maybe even an older 620 for kicks.
  14. dances_w_clouds
    Well I sold my Elan & 7e since my last post but what I did get was the EOS 3. I did have the EOS 1 N but I was not to thrilled about it since I had my 7e with the eye control focus. The EOS 3 is one of my favorite cameras now. I also have the HS attachment loaded with Eneloop batteries and I am good to go.
  15. jcc
    If you have a spare GR-E2 (or GR-E1), I'm looking for one.
  16. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    Well, it continues, but not in exactly the way that most people would expect. Yes, my camera collection has continued to grow, but it is not my fault. Really. Remember my local friendly camera pusher who had asked me if I had Canon DSLR cameras (he knew very well that I did), and then he offered to me a Canon EOS Elan (first original version) with a minor problem for $10.00? Well, he has redeemed himself. A couple of days ago while I was in his shop, he handed to me a Canon EOS 620 with the comment that "It might even work." Well, I bought another 2CR5 battery and put it into the EOS 620. And, yes, it works. I like that Copal Square vertically traveling shutter. So, for the cost of only a battery (about $15.00 USD), there is another working 35mm film camera here. This thing is impressively automatic. I am reminded of a DSLR camera set on "Automatic Program" or "Point and Shoot" mode. There is not very much that you can select or choose on this camera. At least there is a +/- 2 f-stop exposure adjustment, so we are able to influence the way the camera works. Somehow it does seem like something that was designed to prepare us for the coming "digital onslaught."


    Latte Land, Washington
  17. dngrhm
    Just getting started in film with a Canon EOS 620. Joined APUG recently.

    You may be using the 620 in Full Auto mode, indicated by "[ ]" on the dial (sans quotes). "A" is the mode to use. Despite seeming like it would indicate Auto, it is the mode that allows shutter priority, aperture priority, manual, multiple exposure, ... I have been pretty happy with it. It has been a nice addition for more "artsy" pictures and steals the lens from my d*****l Canon used mostly for pics of the kids.
  18. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, dngrhm;

    Why am I tempted to refer to you as "Don," or perhaps even "Don Graham?"

    Welcome to the group. Probably you have already noticed that there are others here who also have the Canon EOS-620 camera. And, our other EF lenses that go onto the Canon DSLR czameras will fit right onto the EOS series cameras also, such as my Elan and the EOS-620.

    Yeah, the rectangle symbol for the fully automatic or "program" mode does indeed work, but why? If everything in the world were a perfect 18% grey reflectance, I am sure that it would consistently turn out perfectly exposed negatives. Well, my world isn't. And there are some things that I want to do the way that I like to have it done. Not the way that some computer geek in Japan decided that it should be done for me.

    If things get really overbearing with the computer controlled cameras, there are always the Canon F-1 and the Pellix-QL to fall back onto, in the Canon line. Then there are the Minolta and Nikon and argus and Asahi-Pentax and Zenit and Zorki and even a Sanei Sankyo K. K. Samoca 35 that I can use for some really "basic photography." Remember your film ASA speed and "the sunny 16 rule."


    Latte Land, Washington
  19. dngrhm
    Hi Ralph,

    You are close... It's Dan. What I was trying to suggest was not using the [] mode, but rather A. A allows you to switch to Manual, Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority using the mode button on top left. Maybe I'm not understanding your issues with the 620. At this point the problem I have with the 620 is that switching back to the T4i feels like holding a toy. Also it is freeing using the 620 to not feel like I have to look down at the LCD after every shot.

    That is quite a collection of cameras. I'm considering 4x5 in addition to 35mm. Maybe a more basic 35mm camera than the 620 would be a good stepping stone before the vast amount of control in view cameras.
  20. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Dan;

    I hope that we have not lost anyone in the six months or so that have passed.

    There was a computer problem last summer, along with a lot of other things that came up. Now there is a motor home RV here that became time consuming as the paperwork for the purchase and the beginning of the effort to get it into shape for the drive to Latte Land was started late last Summer. It took a while. It is intended for use by my Number One Son when he comes back to the United States with his family. Buying the motor home RV was much cheaper, easier, and faster than trying to put a addition onto the house. And the C-172 also made some demands around that time. Lots of things seem to happen at times.

    Anyway, yes, there are lots of nice cameras out there, and the ability to use our lenses on both the maker's film and digital bodies is a real plus.

    Going from 35mm up to 4 by 5. That is a leap. The Graphlex Anniversary Edition Speed Graphic and the Super Speed Graphic will certainly fit into that concept. Going on out to a view camera is a quantum leap. When I did that with a SINAR F, I found that I really did not know very much about photography at all, in spite of having been doing things in photography since the early 1960s. Adding in the myriad movements available on a view camera with the image and perspective control they provide, turned out to be a very humbling experience. Yes, I can do some things now with the Scheimpflug Principles and perspective control, but in no way can I claim to have mastered them.

    Now I have a much greater respect for the bearded gentlemen in the tall hats who went under the dark cloth back in the latter half of the 1800s.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
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