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Canon EOS 35mm Group

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  1. gwhitegeog
    We're up and running.... Gary
  2. gwhitegeog
    Canon EOS 1N / 1N RS

    Many people believe that these were the pinnacle of Canon 35mm EOS production. I have the 1N RS and it is certainly my most used film camera after my Mamiya.

    Though these bodies have a slightly inferior flash system compared to the later EOS 3 / 1V series (which have E-TTL flash), they have many useful features, not least of all full pro spec, fantastic metering, 100% veiwfinder field of view, weather proofing. The RS is a wonderful piece of engineering, with up to 10 fps available and the shortist shutter lag of any 35mm camera (then or now). And the pellicle mirror means no viewfinder blackout and only 0.008s shutter delay!

    I would highly recommend the 1N or RS version but there are pitfalls as many were hammered as pro cameras and some spare parts are becoming scarce. They represent great bargains second hand (more so than the still current (just) 1V). There are things to look out for if buying a body - if you are thinking of doing so, ask here first....

  3. ben-s
    Thanks for setting the group up, Gary.
    I have the 1N HS, basically the 1N and drive booster sold together. Absolutely rock solid camera, and 6 FPS isn't too shabby either
    Mine was second hand, and has a rather sad story behind it; It was owned by a man who absolutely loved it, but only ever had the chance to put about 40-60 rolls through it, mainly wildlife photography; he was killed in a road accident several years ago, and his widow put it up for sale in my local shop. I think he'd be pleased it's now owned by someone who loves it as much as he did...
    I also have his Sigma 400mm prime.
  4. gwhitegeog
    I was quite lucky, as I bought my RS from a pro Canon dealer in London, second hand about 2 years ago. But it is absolutely mint and a Canon service centre put it on the test bench and said that the shutter had only had 2000 actuations! I feel lucky, as it was a dream camera for me, 10 years ago
  5. darkroom
    Hello group, i been using canons for over 20 years, and i love them, my last canon purchased was the canon eos a2e, never had a problem with it, even the so called troublesome dail on the back, so far (knock on wood) no problems.
  6. Kvistgaard
    Hi all - mine is a 33V, bought a couple of years ago. 20-35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 70-200.

    Thanks for setting up this group!
  7. gwhitegeog
    It's good to see that people are joining the Group. At the weekend, I intend to set up some links of useful EOS film material sites (some overlap with digital equipment, of course).
  8. Patrick Latour
    Patrick Latour
    Hello all, I have a "new" EOS A2 that I use mainly with an EF 100mm 2.8 macro, for portrait, artistic nudes and glamour. I love this camera, and I am very happy to have a chance to connect with other users of EOS.
  9. ch3952
    Hey all, I have an EOS 650, 35-70mm. I have just started using it again and am asking myself why I ever stopped in the first place. I'm excited for this group and to see what else is out there.
  10. gwhitegeog
    Tip: there are some great bargains to be had with the older EOS cameras. My current favourite - recently picked up an EOS RT (circa 1990) with pellicle shutter. It was £120 (ca. $240) but I got it from Canon Pro dealer in London. It had a faulty shutter but the dealer had a new one fitted foc under warranty. I have seen them cheaper on the web but bear in mind that the 15-20 year old EOS's are starting to develop shutter faults (mainly due to lack of use!). New shutter units are available (or can be freed-up with a light service) but remember to build this into a possible purchase cost. Another great buy - the original EOS 1 from 1989/90.
  11. gwhitegeog
    Re: EOS RT. I just noticed that my RT has a dead battery. Another problem with these early EOS's (looks like that replacing the shutter unit was not enough). There is a common fault in that they drain the batteries quickly, even when switched off. For example, this one had a new battery and just one film through it - but the battery is dead after two weeks. I thought I had cured the problem - looks like it's back to the service bay but I fear it may be u/s!
  12. timbo10ca
    Hi all: I am using an EOS 3 as my main camera and an Elan 7 as back-up. I love the 3 and have considered getting a second one or a 1V, but I keep putting it off due to price, and well, I really don't need it as much as other things. I got the 3 second hand a couple years ago off ebay from a huge powerseller and it has always performed flawlessly, but I don't know how old it is or how many actuations it has had so i don't know when it's going to konk out. A second body would be more of a back-up against that day, when finding *good* 3's or 1V's may be difficult.

    My zoom lenses are the 28-105, 75-300, and the 17-40 f/4 and 70-200 f/4 with the 1.4X extender. My primes are the 50 f/1.4 and the 100 f/2.8 macro. I'd like to get the 24-105 L to replace lower end 28-105 as a walking around lens, but I hate to spend the cash when I already have those focal lengths essentially covered. The convenience would be nice though.
  13. gwhitegeog
    If you can find a Canon pro service centre, they can put the EOS3 on the test bench and tell you the number of actuations. However, they are very tough. I agree that te 3 is a great camera. Possibly the pinnacle, aside from the 1V. gary
  14. Fotoguy20d
    Thanks for setting up this group. I'm using an Elan 7 as well as x0D bodies (sorry). Primary use lenses are Canon 28-135IS and 70-200 f2.8L IS as well as a Tokina 12-24 on the digital bodies.
  15. Bob King
    Bob King
    Yeah, go for it! Canon EOS is my main shooting system, both film and d****l. Cheers, Bob
  16. ben-s
    Just seen this on Engadget:

    I see nothing to stop these working on film as well as D.....l. They are pretty expensive though...
  17. gwhitegeog
    Yes, I saw this too - manual focus lenses with an EF mount - what next? I must say the 85mm f1.4 looks great....
  18. ben-s
    They said that they intend to add some of their other lenses to the range, either later this year or next year.
    Let's hope they include a splitfield focusing screen with the lenses too
  19. gwhitegeog
    I have noticed that Canon have stopped making film cameras entirely. None are listed now by the dealers. So, if you want a top of the range 1V or EOS 3, proces will be falling.
  20. jcatccmoon
    Hi all, I've been shooting with an EOS 650 for about 18 years and have started to experiment with some different films. Just shot a roll of Ilford sfx and now I'm thinking of trying full infrared. I've read other blogs that some types of slr's can have infrared leaks, either at the shutter curtain or if an infrared device is used as a frame counter or dx code reader. Does anyone have infrared experience on either this model or it's close cousin the EOS 620?
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