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Canon EOS IX

  1. Removed Account2
    I've just got an IX on €bay, a more or less forgotten APS camera.

    Has anyone any pointers here?
  2. petefoto
    hi there i am a new member, but i have three IX bodies, i have to confess that i brought them for the very cheap 22-55 that work well on my eos digitals

    what did you want to know, you have three print sizes, its great for the 10x4 panoramas, 7x4 and the 6x4 size

    - all lenses are multi by 1.25% due to the smaller film size, you are surposed to be able to get slide film but i havnt seen it. still lots of black and white with colour print

    and any eos except efs lenses fit it, its said that its a EOS 300 in a different body
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