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Introductions, and Welcome to the Canon FD Group

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  1. Uncle Bill
    So much for resisting the urge, I picked a rather nice AE-1 and it is in better shape than the first one I had 12 years ago.
  2. agfarapid
    Hello all, my name is Gary and I recently acquired a Canon EF body. I was the beneficiary of quite a bit of Canon gear, namely a mint Pellix with a 50mm 1.4, a 17mm 3.5, a 35mm 2.5 and finally a 55-200 3.5 zoom. It's always a shock to see how well cameras were made back in the '70's. I'm having a wonderful time shooting with them. The last Canon camera I had was a black rangefinder VI L in mint condition some 30 or 40 years ago; I foolishly traded it in for a song to purchase o new 50 2.8 Elmar to match an M3 I had recently purchased at that time. I've since vowed never to trade in a camera or lens again!
  3. onurarslan
    Hello everyone. My name is Onur and i shoot with the fd system for about a year. I have New F-1 body, nFD 50mm F/1.4, Sigma 16mm F/2.8 fish-eye and nFD 17mm F/4 now and i used A-1, AE-1P, nFD 28mm F/2.8, Tokina 17mm F/3.5 before and also thinking about getting an A-1 and a nFD 20mm F/2.8 these days. If anyone has any question about these equipments, i'm ready to share everything i know.
  4. Markster
    Welcome, Onur! I would like to take you up on your offer: How would you compare the New F-1 in normal use with the AE-1P or the A-1? I have used the AE-1P extensively and the A-1 a bit, but I've been curious about the older F-1 model.
  5. pentaxpete
    Well it's Pentax Pete joined as I DO have [B]CANON FD [B]gear as well !! I was so annoyed with PENTAXwhen they changed from Screw to Bayonet in the 1970's i thought to change and bought a black AE1 then was given the opportunity to get an FTbn outfit with 4 lenses, loads of 55mm filters, extension tube set, etc from a Camera Club member who was 'disheartened' that he never won any prizes at Club and said he would sell all his gear to anyone who offered £ 150-00 -- so I OFFERED !! There was nothing wrong with his gear i -- it was HIM that could not 'see' a picture -- I sold the 24mmf2.8 Canon SSC Breechlock to another ( Professional) Camera Club member for £50--00 so all that gear cost me £ 100-00 ! I could use my 24mm f3.5 SMC Takumar on the Canon with a £ 5-00 Canon 'P' adapter and it was sharper than the Canon lens .. I also got a 50mm f1.4 Canon SSC Breechlock, 100mm f2.8 Canon SSC Breechlock, 200mm f4 Canon SSC Breechlock. I decided to KEEP all my Pentax gear !! I bought a 35mm f3.5 SSC Canon Breechlock at my Camera Club annual auction for £ 1-00,then many years later I was GIVEN an A1 outfit by a Gent whose Brother had died and he wanted NO MONEY for it just for it to go to a 'Good Home' -- it came in a metal case -- A1 with 28mm f2.8 Canon FD, 50mm f1.8 Canon FD, 70-150mm f4.5 Canon FD, motor wind 'A', magnifier eyepiiece some 52mm filters etc -- so I have a good collection and USE it !! I will put on some results to show you.
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