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FD prices on the up

  1. blockend
    I've only been been buying and using Canon FD for the last two years but in that time prices have risen substantially. On eBay UK last night a 20mm 2.8 went for almost £132 inc P&P (I was expecting maybe £75-80) and a 35mm tilt and shift sold for £370 with postage (I thought £200 tops). Are digital 4/3 users responsible or is it film fans investing in old glass?
  2. DWThomas
    Maybe some of each. The thing is, the stuff is no longer made and hasn't been for some time, so as units fail catastrophically (as in dropped down concrete steps, etc.) the number in circulation goes down. And there are apparently still plenty of compatible bodies in use. Supply -- demand, etc.
  3. dnjl
    The prices you mention are not unusually high. The 20mm f2.8 is somewhat rare (contrary to the 24mm f2.8 or the very abundant 28mm f2.8), and the TS 35mm is a specialty lens that commands premium prices, always has. Overall, prices my have risen a bit, but not dramatically.
  4. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning; guys;

    This last week, I was handed a Canon FL 1.2/58mm lens that is now on the Canon Pellix QL. The total for this lens and for the repair to correct the aperture leaves that were swimming in oil, came to $300 USD. I also
    thought that this was higher than I was expecting. The camera repair guy did say that the digital camera crowd has discovered these things, and how well they work on their cameras, so the demand has been going up in the last few months. Now I do have it, it is on the camera, and it looks right. No, it was not a bargain, but it is here.


    Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  5. benjiboy
    It really annoys me that the prices of FD lenses have gone up so much primarily because digital 4/3 users in the interest of being too mean to buy the correct digital lenses for their digi toys have decided to plunder a technology that digital has all but destroyed.
  6. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Blockend;

    I am not sure that old film users are "investing" in old Canon glass. That might imply some thought of holding onto the glass until the "market" has risen to a point of suitable profit can be reached over their "investment." To me, it does look like the lenses are going up mainly in response to the DSLR guys learning that they can get an old film camera lens for less than 25% of the price of the current lenses intended for that DSLR. Even if the price of old film lens rises to 50% of the cost of the new lens, they are still way ahead on their "investment," in this case.

    Yes, this is a trend that does not bode well for people who are still trying to enjoy the older film cameras that the DSLR companies seem to have eliminated.

    Another problem was the bulb-type flash guns for the Graflex Speed Graphic press cameras. The "Star Wars" kids have been buying them up to convert them into "light sabers" for their conventions and costumes. Now those of us who still like to use a press camera must use a modern electronic flash just to get the needed light. In my case, I am very lucky. I have an old Heiland-Honeywell Strobonar, so it is still in the proper period.


    Latte Land, Washington
  7. benjiboy
    I saw on a different photographic forum recently a company is selling 35mm SLR bodys that they have converted the lens mount to make it into a stand to hold an iphone .
  8. benjiboy
    I believe as Ralph writes that the digiheads have discovered they can buy excellent FD glass for their DSLRs and interchangeable lens digital compacts at a fraction of the price of the current lenses, and as far as "investing in Canon FD glass" is concerned I'm an "old film fan" and I never considered my purchases as in investment because I'm never going to sell them. Speaking personally I have all the FD cameras and lenses I want or need and will probably never buy any more .
  9. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Benjiboy;

    Congratulations on reaching the point of satiation. It actually is kind of nice to achieve that state. However, I will admit that it really took me a long time to get there. While my Canon FL/FD lenses and bodies is rather modest, but it is enough to be able to take just about any photograph that I might like, it was with the Minolta cameras that I went completely overboard. Yes, my obsessive-compulsive tendency took an interminably long time to run its course, but it finally did. With about 80 to 90 Minolta SLR bodies and a little over 100 ROKKOR lenses for them, along with about another 50 "other maker" lenses that will fit onto the Minolta SR lens mount, I think that I have finally accomplished what I wanted to do. It was pointed out to me that this achievement really is a good thing, because if I had not, then we would soon need to buy a bigger house for storing them and us also.

    Life really is pretty good when you can do some of the things you really want.


    Latte Land, Washington
  10. benjiboy
    I don't look at photographic equipment any more, I'm very happy with what I have which I find a very liberating experience, now I concentrate on using it and not thinking if I only had better gear I could be a better photographer.
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