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FD and FL 50mm range lenses

  1. onurarslan
    I couldn't find anything about this anywhere either i don't know where to look or there is no useable archieve about it. I was wondering that how many types of 50mm range lenses canon has on fd/fl mount ? There are FLs with "canon camera co." writing on them, there are FLs without that writing, there are FDs with chrome filter threads, there are New FDs, FD with red S.S.C label, white S.C label etc.
    I might try to collect all the 50/55/58mm lenses but i don't have the list. Can anyone help me with it ? And which one is impossible to find ?
  2. benjiboy
  3. Dr Croubie
    Dr Croubie
    http://www.canon.com/camera-museum/ can also help (afaik the wikipedia list was compiled from the Camera Museum data)
  4. Markster
    www.fdreview.com for all the FD lenses. I don't know if they have an FL version of their webpage, but it's possible. You really don't need to collect them all. Most are duplicates made by different companies. Some are lesser quality. Even if you just focus to Canon-brand lenses, there are still duplicates. Why have a 50mm S.C., a 50mm S.S.C, a stock 50mm, an FD ring-lock version and an FDn button-lock version of a lense that takes the same picture?
  5. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    One of the things that I have found impressive about some of the earlier Canon FL and FD lenses has been their price.

    The FD and FL 50mm f:1.8 lenses are really quite inexpensive, but the FL 58mm f:1.2 lens for the Canon Pellix-QL did get my attention when it came out to be around $300 for me, and there were other samples that were higher, but the one I bought also included a CLA. And I have been looking for a Canon FD 55mm f:1.2 II lens for Gary to put onto his Canon F-1. If I can find one of those, it looks like it could be in the $400 price range. The things that we will do for a younger brother.

    The Canon people did seem to have some sort of a competition going on with the Nikon people back in the 1950s. I keep thinking that Nippon Kogaku K. K. did make the lenses that went onto the first Canon cameras, but some sort of sibling rivalry did seem to arise 20 years later. Canon and Nikon seemed to be in some sort of a one-up-manship competition. I think that the Canon guys did win one of those contests when they came out with their 50mm f:0.95 lens for the Canon 7 rangefinder camera. I remember being impressed mightily with the physical size of that lens which projected about 1/4 of an inch (6mm) below the bottom of the Canon 7 body. In retrospect, while the lens certainly was an impressive light gatherer, it was superceded by others in how well it aimed those photons at the film plane.

    While I had not really intended to pursue that particular marque beyond just a simple Canon Canonet 17 QL G-III, when learning about what had happened to Gary's Canon F-1, I had to get him another one. In gathering the pieces to do this, I wound up with some extra parts, and I just kept them. Now I am here. See how easy it is to fall into these traps?


    Latte Land, Washington
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