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My first post and I've got an odd one - a Pellix

  1. vincebodie
    Hello all. I just picked up a Pellix cheap.

    It's a chrome body version in amazing condition, except looking through the viewfinder shows some scratchiness vertically along both sides, perhaps about the far 10-15% of each side. Assuming the worst, the pellice mirror is probably damaged. The shutter makes really sweet sounds and the meter seems accurate.

    That said, can anyone here tell me whether any of these statements are true:

    A. This defect is common
    9. Pellix's with bad mirrors are a dime a dozen
    28r. Nobody can fix a pellicle mirror
    y. It's worth it to run a roll of film through it anyhow
    04. They're still a cool camera to own, even if the mirror is toast
    2u. That Dorner guy was really LL Cool J

  2. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Vince;

    This is not going to be easy. First, yes, I do have a Canon Pellix-QL also. These probably can be considered to be "a camera ahead of its time." If you look at the rapidly rising popularity of the digital cameras today with such a system in them, the Pellix really did have a novel concept. It just needed some time and a couple more developments to really catch on. And then there is the variant of the concept which does not have a mirror, and instead uses the "live view" method for framing and focusing, if you are not in the AF mode.

    A. I do not really know if that specific defect is common, but problems with the Pellix mirrors are fairly common now. They are 50 years old now, after all. 9. Just about any 35mm film camera, except for Leica, can be bought for less than $100 now, so it is hard to say. 28r. Not true. It is possible to have a mirror redone. How much money can you devote to the project? y. If you can see well enough to focus the lens, then I say, yes, go ahead and use it. 04. Probably. They will have some value even to collectors just because they are unusual from that time period. My own cameras are not "hangar queens" that just sit on a shelf. In my area, a CLA for a 35mm camera will run between $120 and $150. My local camera shops are very happy with my efforts to prolong their continued operation. 2u. I have no specific valid information that will enable a definitive response to this one.

    And, for you, where did those line identification prefixes come from?


    Latte Land, Washington
  3. vincebodie
    Good morning Ralph,

    I should have mentioned that mine is also a QL model. I'll take a picture of it some day soon and post it, as it really is more beautiful than the one I had linked to that is now not showing.

    A. I took it out shooting last night, and I noticed that the scratches on the right side of the viewfinder are only in the area east of the metering dot. The ones on the west are equally positioned. I don't know if this falls within the frame or not, though my eye tells me it may not be the case. Any idea? Perhaps I can aim my little electronic pixel making device through the finder and then post those pixels here to give you a better idea.
    9. I haven't trolled completed auctions on the bay to see what they go for, though I won't be selling it anyhow. Just curious. I read somewhere that Pellix models are "collectible", though this could just mean they regularly fetch $60 instead of $20.
    28r. Well that's good to know. When money is no object, I'll pay whatever it takes. Then again, money is no object, right?
    y. I did just that last night, and I'm in love. Do I need a marriage license before making it official?
    04. "Hangar queens" are not allowed in my home either. Broken down homeless types are a whole nuther story...
    2u. I guess we'll never know. They burned him up and then said they didn't. Due process?


    p.s. The ID #'s came from one of those ping pong ball air blown popcorn hopper Bingo things. So much more fun than Magic Eight Ball™!
  4. Fixcinater
    I have a nice condition case for a Pellix if you'd be interested/need one. Not looking to sell, just move it on to somebody that might have a use for it (not sure how I happened upon it).
  5. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Fixcinater;

    It has been a couple of days, and no one else has said anything. I will.

    Yes, I would like to talk with you about the case for a Canon Pellix camera. I will send a message to you.



    Latte Land, Washington
  6. benjiboy
    I always avoided buying a Pellix, because if people asked me what sort of a camera it was they might mis-hear me, and take offence at my reply
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