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Canon F1N AE body price

  1. benjiboy
    I recently acquired another Canon F1N AE body my favorite SLR of all time ( I don't have G.A.S. it's only the second camera I've bought in about 25 years ) it was made in January 1986, and after checking online what a body only cost in 1986 they were $ 1,180 U.S, that's £818 sterlingwhich is far more than I could afford in those days with two sons at university at the time, I wonder how much a camera of that quality would cost if they were made today ?.
  2. Markster
    Consider it was the pro-sumer model of its time. Similar level DSLRs today are running between $2000 and $5000 USD. I'd say it would be roughly the same today, if it were a new top of the line model.

    I had a programming instructor in college once who made a good point. Technology is free. You get a top of the line video card 5 years ago, then get a top of the line card today for the same price, but the technology leaps ahead. Pay $2000 for computer 10 years ago that was top of the line, and pay the same for one today, and which one is better? The technology is free. You pay the same price (relatively) regardless of how far it progresses.

    So I'd say the price of that F1N would be about the same today as it was back then. You just wouldn't get the F1N today, but {fill in the blank} instead for the same price.
  3. benjiboy
    The Canon F1 in all it's three forms F1, F1n, and F1N wasnt a "prosumer model" but a fully professional model which in it's era was the largest professional camera system in the World according to the Guiness Book Of Records, even bigger than the Nikon F system. http://www.shutterbug.com/content/ca...l-pro-its-time
  4. waynecrider
    I'm shopping for a body now and prices are all over the place. Everything from $300 at auction to 6-7-800 dollars.
  5. benjiboy
    I was lucky enough to buy an unused F1N-AE body mint and boxed from an old friend and former customer called John who's a retired pro who was the chief photographer for the local city council, he had bought it as a back up for the 2 he worked with in 1987 and never used it.
  6. geoff-canon
    I stumbled onto one for $100 although it was missing the catridge conpartment cap so I got one on ebay for another $25.
  7. benjiboy
    Wayne, the price depends to a large degree on the condition although I agree there are some outrageous prices on eBay, it's just a case of waiting for the right one to come along.
  8. jojuki
    hi all...new to the group... i purchased my New F-1 with AE finder in August 1984 and the body cost $459 in a NYC camera shop (Executive Camera on W.32nd Street, loooong gone). I think this was about the going street price at the time. i remember with such clarity as it was my biggest purchase with money i saved all summer. I remember there was a pretty big gap between the "suggested" and street prices back then, i suppose due to the lack of transparent pricing information we have today via the interweb machine. i still have that F-1 and it still shoots fine. No issues, no major repairs, just a foam replacement about 10 years ago. it is a fine piece of gear.

    to be clear, i believe we are talking about the New F-1 and not the F-1N if it was made in 1986. I believe the F-1N is an improved version of the first generation F-1.
  9. benjiboy
    No the F1n (lower case n) is the improved version of the original F1 that has a plastic tipped winding lever the F1 N (uper case N) is the new and final final version and is a completely different camera with the Silicon cell light meter and it is powered by 6Volt Silver Oxide battery not the Mercury 1.35Volt cell that powers the other two versions.
  10. jojuki
    ah, the lower case n ... i have the F-1N then.
  11. benjiboy
    By the way jojuki, a very warm welcome to the FD group.
  12. jojuki
    thanks! i've been using FD gear since 1982. got in and out of other gear along the way but always kept the FD gear. currently using - FTbn/F-1N/AE-1. (used to have A-1/AL-1/AE-1P-stolen). Glass-Canon 28/2.8, 35/2.8 (had the 35/2 S.S.C. concave element with thorium but sold to fund other stuff), 50/1.4, 100/2.8 S.S.C., 200/4. third party - Soligor 24-45mm C/D, 80-200 4.5 C/D, Tokina 24/2.8, Tokina 70-210 3.5 (purported to be a variation of the 2nd gen Series-1 Vivitar that Tokina made for them), 7element 2x.
  13. benjiboy
    I just sold an FTbn and an A1 and bought a third F1N body, I already had a New F1 with the eye level prism, and one with the AE prism, I find it very useful to be able to use the same set of focusing screens and other accessories on all of them, and they all handle the same when changing between bodies.
  14. blockend
    I've never owned an F-1 in any iteration and am unlikely to do so now. It's not that I haven't looked and liked, but the dilemma of professional film SLRs is that they're in excellent condition with a price tag to match, or badly worn and of uncertain reliability.

    Some years ago I owned and ultimately sold an immaculate Nikon F, and finally got round to buying an F2 three years ago. Although it fulfilled a youthful dream and certainly looked pretty, it was too heavy to carry on spec and I found myself taking lighter, more modern cameras in preference. It cured me of pro camera envy and I sold it without regret. The T-90 fills the prosumer gap and is quirky and solid enough to maintain my interest. If I did succumb and bought a mint F1, the thought of damaging a camera that had remained pristine for at least a quarter century would ensure I used a different camera anyway.
  15. benjiboy
    The new F1 is a heavy camera, I have three bodys but never carry more than two, I use normal care when using them and after more than 25 years use they are still like new, and I don't baby my gear the cameras were designed for hard professional use, weather sealed and made to the closest tolerances out of the best materials for the purpose and unlike consumer cameras not made to a price, but to a quality. I have a T90 its a fine camera I enjoy using that I've had for more than 20 years it has never given me any trouble, but I'm glad it isn't my only FD camera it just doesn't have the feeling of solidarity and reliability the F1's have.
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