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T-90 and sticky shutter

  1. blockend
    I bought a T-90 with this issue (cheap!) a few years ago, and liked the camera enough to have it fixed and a CLA. It works fine but I wonder whether leaving it unused for months will cause the problem to return. Some people recommend setting the camera to B and removing the batteries while in storage. My question is whether doing so will put excessive strain on the shutter curtain mechanism and the mirror return springs, and create a different set of problems?
  2. benjiboy
    I just dry fire the camera a couple of dozen times occasionally when it's empty.
  3. blockend
    That seems more logical, benjiboy. It would be interesting to know what causes the stickiness, some say magnetisation of the contacts, others dirt on the contacts. Also how long does a T-90 have to be out of use to promote such problems? I rarely if ever go more than two months without using the camera, mostly it's a few weeks. I presume those intervals will avoid a sticky shutter?
  4. blockend
    One more question re. the T-90. Is it possible to have the viewfinder display (aperture and shutter speed) permanently on? As currently set, when I remove my finger from the shutter, viewfinder information disappears. This means that if the camera is set to F8 for example, and I want to set it to F4, I have to use my other hand to rotate the dial while keeping the shutter half pressed.

    Edit: looking at an online manual, I think my camera may be faulty as LEDs only remains lit when the shutter is half pressed, whatever position the switch is turned to.
  5. benjiboy
    I believe the reason the shutter sticks is that the shutter activating magnets stick together because of lack of use, and magnetize each other, which is why a sharp tap sometimes re activates the shutter.The display on my T90 is only on when I apply first pressure on the shutter release, and it was the same with the other two T90's I sold recently, there's no way of keeping the display on except keeping your finger on the shutter release and using another finger to operate the command wheel.
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