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Fill flash with A1 or F1 + 199A

  1. Tinykin
    My background is that I am a sometimes picture taker. That is, I will do loads one month and very little for the rest of the year except for snapshots with my phone. Consequently I forget things like how to operate a camera that I've owned for nearly 20 years.
    I'll be taking photographs this summer of black-skinned (and dark-skinned) people in bright sunlight. Sometimes with them standing next to light skinned people.
    Without me wasting film and time finding out, can anyone say what is the usual settings for such a situation?
  2. pentaxpete
    In 'Bright Sunlight' you will have to use a film no faster than 100ASA as the maximum synch speed at least in the A-1 is 1/60th second and you will be getting aperture around nearly f22 -- so you put your Canon 199A flash on to 100ASA and set the YELLOW 'A' setting which gives you f 11 then you will be under-exposing the flash just enough to 'fill-in' the shadows -- get the Black people to stand nearer to the lens than the White people -- not in a 'straight line' !!
  3. Tinykin
    Thanks, Pete. Interesting about the position of the subjects. It's logical now that you say it.
  4. benjiboy
    As a matter of interest.l the maximum sync speed on a New F1 is 1/90th sec. I don't use a 199A for fill in flash I use a Vivitar 285 because it has a vary power module you can vary the flash power from full to 1/16 th power.
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