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New business using Bronica S2A System

  1. JMichaelMeyers
    Hey There from Athens, Georgia USA,

    I am a scientist and will be retiring in spring 2012. I am starting a photography business to have fun and to make a change or significant difference in the world. I have used a Bronica S2A since I bought it new in 1972, but I only used it for a few weddings and then mostly for closeup work with extension tubes. I have complete system on the way from 40 to 500 mm with bellow II, tubes, TTL prism, Polaroid backs and more backs including a adapted glass focusing back. I also bought the Bronica Factory Repair Manual (expanded view parts) for C, S2, and S2A (same as S2 with only a few parts in winding gear changed to different metals). I will share info in that manual with the group. Bronica is an outstanding camera system, but needs attention to keep it tack sharp. I am now repairing the foam on my focusing screen. I noticed infinity focus was off at f/2.8. Sam's page has the details to get this back to sharp focus! I am anxious to start and just got a box of films.

    I will be doing nature, wildlife, habitat, and closeup photography as well as landscape with S2A (also plan to start suing 4x5 for landscape). I may do some people and environmental portraits with this system and a Mamiya RB67 system.

    I'll stay in touch on system and ideas. Thanks to those who organized this group.

    J. Michael Meyers
  2. cgpsmith
    Hi, J. Michael.

    Jimmy Koh at Koh's Camera on Long Island is one of the few people around who still knows how to repair focal-plane-shutter Bronicas -- Ive been quite happy with his work. His shop has a great collection of Bronicas, SM Leicas and RF Nikon gear -- he drove out to meet me when I arrived at the nearest Long Island RR Station.

    My system includes 2 S2A bodies, an EC-TL body, 6x6 and 6x4.5 backs and, like your own system, Nikkor lenses from 40mm to 135mm, Zenzanon 150mm, 250mm F/4 Nikon RF lens with Bronica S adapter and Bronica bayonet adapter to mount on S2 & EC, plus 400 and 1200mm ED pre-AI Nikkor lens heads that attach S2 & EC bodies via the Bronica focusing unit that is counterpart to the AU-1 and CU-1 units for Nikon F-mount cameras.

    Conrad Smith
    Laramie, Wyoming
  3. JMichaelMeyers
    Thanks Conrad,

    I will get in touch with the LI fellow. I just lost the longer version of this note. Darn computer.

    I have an adapter for mounting FD Canon lenses (macros) and just got a $60 one and it looks like I will have 2 times life size (extension tube does not function on this setup) on a 6 x 6 format. Looks of possibilities with this system. More later.

    J. Michael Meyers
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