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Zenzanon Lenses for S2, S2a Bronica'a

  1. whlogan
    I am wondering how many different focal length lenses Zenzanon made the Bronicas. I have the 100mm which is simply super and have just bought a 150mm from K*H. I am sure it will also be a real performer. But what else is there? I usually prefer the Nikkors, since I know how stellar they are. I wanted the 200mm Jimmy Koh had on his site for so long, but some one beat me to it. So what else does Zenzanon have for us? Who knows? Thanks.
  2. JMichaelMeyers
    I have an extra Zenzanon 50 mm f2.8 lens (with "MC" label on lens and 67 mm filter size). if you are interested in a nice fast wide angle for your system. I have not priced it, but let me know and I will check on it. I can send photos later this week.

  3. whlogan
    Thanks....I do already have a Nikkor 50mm for my Bronica S2a and ECtl systems which is quite the super performer. The only lens now I would be interested in is the Nikkor 200mm with the original close up lens.... that I would really like to have. Jimmy Koh had one for a while but I waited too long and it got away. Hesitate not on these things!
  4. Trond
    I have the Zenzanon 80mm 2.4, 100 2.8, 150mm 3.5 and 300mm 4.5. They are all great lenses. My personal favorite is the 100mm, a fantastic lens in my opinion. I think the first Zenzanon lenses were made to fill in gaps in the offerings from Nikon. Only later did they start to offer lenses as direct alternatives to existing Nikkors.

  5. JoeA
    According to Tony Hilton's "Bronica the early history and definitive collectors guide", there were 8 Zenzanon lenses.
    40mm f/4, 50mm f/2.8, 75mm f/2.8, 80mm f2.4,100mm f2.8, 150mm f3.5, 200mm f3.5 & 300mm f4.5 .
    Of these I have the 100mm & 150mm and have never had problems with them.

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