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The Goddess of the EC TL

  1. whlogan
    The Goddess of the EC TL struck on Friday while I was photographing one of the world's most beautiful women. It simply stopped. Mirror up. Lens open. Winding knob frozen Nothing working. A sad state of affairs. I was dumb struck. Finished the shoot with a GS1, no problemo. I had installed what I thought was a new battery. I thought about it all day Saturday and went and got a really new battery. Put that in and went over the camera carefully. Put the back on D. Nothing. The meter seemed to be be working. Pushed the shutter button and the mirror came down as the end of a shot and the back advanced. We were back in A. Sounded fine. I Thought the Goddess had smiled upon this once. She indeed had. Shot another model today, and it worked fine. Point of this diatribe is to be really sure your battery is fresh. I recall the battery I put in before the Friday shoot had set out on the desk for a long time. I suspect the battery had just gone down to the dead point on that particular exposure and it stopped right there. It was a Radio Shack battery, normally a reliable unit. Now it is Duracell for sure. So that's the Goddess's story.... still lovin Bonicas; still workin!!
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