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New Bronica owner needs help

  1. KarmaKept
    Hello everyone!
    A friend of my who is a professional photographer recently gave me a Bronica ETRS (120mm). His intent was to encourage me to get "back to the basics" and familiarize myself w/ a classic camera. I am extremely excited to get it up and going but have a few questions maybe you can help me with. Any best practices on where to buy film and process it? Also does anyone use the Speed Grip? It doesn't have batteries in it and it looks to hold some kind of battery pack. ? Can anyone shed light on what batteries it takes and where to get them?
    I'm so happy to see that this group exists so I can get some addtl assistance while I explore my new friend. Thank you in advance for your help!!!
  2. KarmaKept
    really? nobody? allrighty.....well this site was a bust.
  3. Trond
    I'm sorry that you haven't received any help . You are new, so you probably don't know that the groups are very hard to keep track of, so it can take some time before anyone notices new posts. It's probably a better bet to post in the medium format forum: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum51/

    It's also very possible that members of this group don't know your camera particulary well.

  4. sidewind
    Congrats on your luck, getting a camera. About to get film and get them processed, I would go to a professional studio and ask for the info, actually I did, usually they are extremely helpfull. I use my Etr, Etrs and Etrsi both with hand cranck, speedgrip and with motor. The speedgrip do not have batteries, the plate that sits under the camera is only about 5 mm thick. If you are in doubht what you have, speedgrip or motor, go to Ebay, and look for "etr speedgrip" or "etrsi motor" and you should have results to determine what you have.
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