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Helpful Advice Needed Please

  1. Aero1971
    Hello Forum Members

    Sorry to be rude as I am not a Bronica user; in fact until recently my understanding of photography stretched little further than my Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ10 (which is rather good considering its price point). However; in July 2011 I sadly lost my father and became the owner of all his camera equipment (a lot of it too), this includes his first ever camera, a Yashica, then his 100% mint boxed Canon A-1D (it's even got a brand new leather case in its original box), and all the lenses available at the time (all boxed and mint). Then I have his modern and cherished, now used all the time by me, Canon EOS 50D, in fact this has caused a new interest for me and various new investments have been made so that I can extend its use with some new lenses, now I have the photographic bug!

    Lastly; I have the following item(s) which bring me to you for advice, my father was and has always been a Canon or Bronica user since the late early 70's, as part of his collection he owned various Bronica cameras, when he passed away there were two identical cameras and lens sets in his ownership, one he called his everyday set which was almost perfect in its condition, and then the backup set (which is boxed and 100% perfect and unmarked), the everyday set has been passed on to a very close friend of the family who has a keen interest in this format, this gives me comfort in the knowledge my father’s interest will carry on (and he uses this more than the older Hasselblad he has, which will please my father greatly), while the second set remains with me, this includes a boxed and mint (dust and mould free) Bronica SQ-Ai, and the following items:

    1. The Bronica SQ-Ai, boxed and mint including, manual, SQ-i120 filmback, PS80mm lens, all spare covers and filmback metal slide and the Bronica carrying strap.
    2. SQ-Ai Filmback SQ-i120 - two of them both boxed and perfect, one not boxed and very good condition
    3. ETR Si M-Bracket, both boxed, one perfect the other shows marks from use
    4. CdS MF Finder S, boxed, complete and perfect
    5. AE Prism Finder SQ-i, boxed, complete and perfect
    6. Prism Finder 45D S, again boxed, complete and perfect
    7. Zenzanon-PS 65mm F4 lens, boxed, complete and perfect
    8. Bronica Motor Drive SQ-i, boxed, complete and perfect
    9. Zenzanon-PS f=50-100mm 1:4-5.6, not boxed but in mint condition with its soft carry case, lens protector, light hood, leather lens cover and metal lens cap!
    10. Zenzanon-S f=40mm lens, mint with lens protector and leather lens cover.
    11. Lens Hood for a Zenzanon-S 50mm and a 65/80mm lens
    12. Zenzanon-PS f=80mm lens, not boxed but clean dust and mold free condition
    13. Various Bronica User books
    14. SQ-Ai Focusing Screen S

    I think that's it!!

    Now the question, i looked on eBay to sell each part, but simply didn't know where to start, more importantly I'd not want to answer any questions in relation to the equipments ability beyond its condition and age, i know it's all mint and perfect (i took into a London dealer and our friend who has the other setup checked it all over), but i would not know where to start if anyone asked if it would work with, do the following, match this item, etc.

    I'd rather not sell it to a store who'll just sell it on at their 50% markup (London Camera Exchange explained this is what they'd do and showed me their pricing matrix), so where am I best advertising and selling this collection?

    Any advice would be greatly received.

    Many thanks

  2. Trond
    You should probably post this in the medium format forum: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum51/. Better chance of getting an answer there.

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