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Camera's so far ...

  1. theo120mm
    Hello all,

    So far I've manage to get hold the following Bronica's :
    Bronica Z, Bronica S, Bronica S2, Bronica S2A.
    Still searching for a D an EC and an EC TL any hints except Evilbay ???


  2. JoeA
    And here I just sold my "S" "C" & "S2A". :o(
    Sorry, the EC & EC-TL were the two I decided to keep along with the Nikkor P Auto 600mm..

    And why does everyone bad mouth sleaze-bay... Another topic for another day..

  3. theo120mm
    Hey J,

    Everybody is bad mouthing sleaze-bay, BUT everyone is using it.
    It seems that if you are a buyer it's Evil-bay, if you are a seller it's Paradise-bay.
    My quest slowly moves ... EC found ... two more to go ...

  4. JoeA
    Hi Theo,

    Well I guess that e-bay can be good or bad, in all my dozens of transactions I only had 2 bad purchases and had no problem returning the item to the seller.
    In my ocaisonal selling only 1 sale, a gut in Norway was not thrilled with the shipping charges so he never paid...
    So I think it is what you make of it, once in a while you have a problem.

    Now then back to the topic, you realize you need a model C (two types of that one) as well a couple of variations on the S2a...
    Oh, if I temember correctly the model D (Delux) was followed by the Z, a slightly less expensive D, these bothe preceeded the S.

    Good luck hunting!

  5. theo120mm
    Hello Joe,
    NO you don't remember correctly :O) Bronica Z was the first ever model followed by D very shortly.
    And yes, I am hunting for a C and C2 (if that ever made?) the Black S2, the Black S2A and the EC-TL.

    These 3 links proves the story of Bronica Z : http://www.japanexposures.com/2010/0...s-rolls-royce/
  6. JoeA
    Hey Theo,

    You are correct, of course, I was doing that from memory, which at this stage of the game, sometimes get fuzzy.
    My best reference has been Tony Hilton's book "Bronica, The Early History and Definitive Collector's Guide."
    I got my copy from Tony bundardtony@yahoo.com it has been very helpfull.

    Tony list's, would you believe, 14 different classic Bronica Models.
    I think you've listed the major names, but, as you indicated, there were sub-types.
    You've got the C & C2, as well there were 2 S2A's , 2 EC's and 3 ECTL's oh and 2 D's.
    So good luck in your search, it will be quite a collection when you get it together.

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