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Bronica S2a Winding Question

  1. whlogan
    I have a somewhat serious Bronica S2A question. Concerns the winding sequence. I have been a user for many, many years. I recently acquired a reworked Black and beautiful S2A from Jimmy Koh up in New York and he assures the unit is in perfect condition and for all accounts it seems to be. It works just fine. But as I wind it from one frame to the next as it approaches the end of the winding cycle and gets to what I must think is the shutter cocking procedure the winding is very stiff and makes quite a loud clicking sound as it comes to a stop. Jimmy tells me this is normal. I wonder, however, is it? I have had several S2A's and I recall them all as being rather like this. Is it normal to get really stiff at the last little bit if the winding cycle? I hate to send it back to Jimmy (again) with this complaint and have him send it back (again) saying its just fine (again). And by the way, my ECTL is not at all like this. Right smooth all the way. Thanks for all attention.
  2. Trond

    I have several S2A bodies and all of them behave in same way is yours. It doesn't feel or sound very reassuring, but I believe this is perfectly normal.

  3. whlogan
    Thanks..... I feel some better now.... Logan
  4. JoeA
    The S2A always made that difinitive sound, you knew you had cocked the shutter, the same with the model C.
    The S did not though, having been used to the S2A and the C it took a while to get used to the sound not being there, it was more like you could feel it.
    And as you said the EC, EC-TL does not have that definitive sound either.

  5. nworth
    The stiffness and noise is quite normal. The S2A has a lot of worrisome noises that are really normal. One that I was shocked by was the cannon shot produced when you release the shutter. It is really loud. The camera also recoils and shakes like crazy. You're sure the exposure will be fuzzy. But it isn't. The shock occurs after the exposure, not before or during, and you can hand hold or use an ordinary tripod without fear.
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