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A Bronica C or C2

  1. whlogan
    I saw a sad looking Bronica C on E*ay the other day for $99.00. Got interested and then had to have it...so I did. It got here in jig time and was rather sad looking indeed.....a little elbow grease and alcohol cleaned her up right well and I noticed that the top shutter speed was 1000. My foggy old memory seemed to recall from my first well loved Old C that it should be 500, so I called Jimmy Koh who informed me that it is a C2! Welcome to the stable young lady! Now I have begun to wonder what other changes were made between the C and the C2. My Old C served me well in Viet nam until it was sold ( a bad mistake by me). Bronica it seems to me usually makes substantial changes when they issue a model update and I have been unable to find a review stating what they were. I wonder then, do any of you here know updates were made to the C2? I would appreciate any information you might have.

  2. Trond

    Congratulations with your new camera! If I'm not mistaken, the only difference between C and C2 is indeed the top shutter speed.

  3. whlogan
    As far as stable mates go, I received a beautiful Bronica EC today that looks like it just came out of the box! My very first Bronica and the very first 'real' camera I ever had or the first good camera I ever had was one of these and I just had to have one when I saw this one for sale at K*H.... they said it is EX and indeed it is. I checked the shutter as best I could and it looks really close. Back to the past. I use my ECTL as a fully manual one now as the meter doesn't really work at all any more but it does work in manual but I wanted the EC.... so now I got one....how many? C2, S2A,ECTL,ETRSi,GS1,SQa,SQb,SQaM.... I;ve got a lot and they all work, too!

  4. StephenSteinke
    Beautiful Today
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