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Bronica EC Question

  1. whlogan
    /what Bad Happens in ah Ec if you Try half Stops?

    I Just got a great looking and working EC and tried a half stop and that booger didn't like it at all. It jammed right up. I tried all sorts of things to get it going again. I took the back off, and, of course, the lens, and it almost tried to start right twice, but then went back to not doing anything. I know enough not to press anything or push it beyond where it wants to go. I'll try some more to see where I can get it going again. That was my first roll through it and I really want it to be my "go to" camera. Any thoughts?
  2. Trond
    I don't have an EC, but the EC doesn't support half stop shutter speeds according to the manual. Have you tried to take out the battery? Hope you get it working again!

  3. whlogan
    The Bronica EC is home again and seems to fixed right up. KEH repair did a quick and for all appearences, seems to have done a good job fixing it right up. I don't quite know why I love this old horse so much, but I do. I guess the ones we started with are the ones we love the best. I have a full Hasselblad kit and a full SL66 kit but just seem to tend toward the EC and its kit most of the time. Nikkor lenses are just as good, I'm sure. I started out with one of the first EC's that hit these shores way back in 76 or late 75 when I was at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. Cut my teeth on that bugger using TriX and D76 and that's where I go back to when the going gets tuff. That's where I met Ansel and Cole Weston and they used to fuss at me for using a Bronica but it was all I could afford and even at that it was a stretch for a young Naval Officer in College raising 4 kids and trying to learn photography too. But, I did and now I am going back to my roots.... Bronica EC, TriX, and D76. All old Friend and all well known. Welcome home, Old Friends.... let's go to work.

  4. Trond
    Good news!

  5. StephenSteinke
    Hi Trond,
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