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  1. Trond

    I created this group, so I should probably introduce myself. My name is Trond, and have used Bronica S2As since I bought a kit from a fellow APUGer a few years ago. During the last few years, I have accumulated a lot (too much perhaps) of gear: four bodies, lenses from 40mm to 300mm, etc, etc.

    I was thinking this could be a place to share technical information on using the cameras and accessories, simple repairs and manuals.

    I'm a bit in doubt about how useful it is to discuss specific gear outside of the normal forums, but we have too see how it works out.

  2. Johs
    Hi Trond
    Bronica Cameras:: Medium Format SLR Cameras & Lenses

  3. fatboy22
    Hi Trond,

    I too have had the classic Bronica Addiction. 2- S2a bodies, 2- C bodys all lenses 40mm to 500mm, bellows II unit about 8 120/220 backs, 1 polaroid back. It is a very well made camera! I have shot with these for several years now. Unfortunately with my medium format camera addiction they are not getting the use they deserve! (Norita, Exakta66, Pentacon6,Pentax67,& now Voightlander Bessa III) Major GAS Here!

  4. gsbene
    Hello, I recently got rid of a GS-1 outfit to simplify and go square, and fell in love with the classic Bronica. I bought a C with the 75mm PC lens (but would love to have the Zenzanon Zeiss 80mm. I followed some great online advice to get it to focus correctly, and love using it.
  5. Trond
    Good luck with your Bronica C! Square certainly is nice.
  6. whlogan
    Hi fellas... Bill Logan here... an avid classic Bronica user from way, way back. I started using the S2 when it was bout all there was save the H'blad 1000F. When I was in Vietnam first time in 67 O got a C model which I foolishly let got for a Mamiya Universal, which I also loved and then went to and original EC which I loved even more and updated to the ECTL which was the very best of all by far. Then the LF blues got me and scaled back to a 'blad. Now Jimmy Koh has me in a very nice black S2a, 75, 50, and 135. Just recently I saw a ECTL on KEH which does work and grabbed it! Just like old times. I want the Nikkor 200 and I will get it soon. So, I'm back, guys!
  7. genegno
    Hi. just found this web site. I use a bronica ectl. this has got to be the best camera ever. It's just a pleasure to use and the negs are so sharp i can print upto 30"X24". nice to know there are others who love these cameras .
  8. mwelsh
    I just picked up today a Bronica C with the 75mm f/2.8 and an extension tube for close up work. I'm excited to use this camera. It hasn't been used for a long time they told me but I've fired the shutter and loaded it with some tmy 400 and I'm ready to go see what's going to happen.
  9. Trond
    mwelsh, good luck with your Bronica. You should check if the foam in the viewfinder has been replaced. If not, the focus will probably be off. If you are able to push down the ground glass a little, then it will need attention. Replacing the foam is relatively easy.
  10. cgpsmith
    Got hooked on Bronica when I learned the S & EC series can share Nikkor SLR 400, 600, 800 & 1200mm lens heads from four decades ago that used a common Nikon or Bronica focusing unit (I have one of each). Love using the 1200mm F/11 Nikkor ED on the Bronica bodies after finally acquiring a tripod & fluid head solid enough to support all of this. Unlike Nikon SLR bodies, the weight of the Bronica body eliminates the need for mirror lockup at low shutter speeds. Own two S2A and one EC-TL body, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, & 135mm Nikkor lenses, a 250mm F/4 rangefinder Nikkor with bayonet adapter that allows using it on the Bronica bodies -- and the 400mm F/4.5 & 1200mm F/11 Nikkor lens heads. The S2A bellows allows tilt & shift with these lenses -- nice! Shoot mostly transparencies on Velvia 100, then scan the images for Photoshop processing with Nikon 9000 Coolscan.
  11. JoeA
    Do you find it dificult to focus those long lenses. I've got the 600 with the Bronica mount, maybe I need more practice but I find it hard to focus.
    I got it for use with my classic Bronica's, of course, but it only works with the S2A. The previous owner had canablised a Nikon lens and LITERALLY glued the mount over top the Bronica mount!
    After much pains-taking work cleaning it, I got it to work. But the armeture that activates the aperature (I don't konw what that litle flipper is called) it only connects on the S2A. Any ideas on how this could be adjusted? I'd like to use it with my EC-TL.
  12. sidewind
    Hi there from Copenhagen

    I have once again run amok, I have 5 bodies, 1 ETR, 2 ETRS and 2 ETRsi's, 120 & 220 backs as well as polaroid back, speedgrip and motor. I have been using this on/off for the last 4 years, and it have outlived my digital cameras, but have to live side by side with my analogue Canon EOS 1
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