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nikkor 135mm lens

  1. jcarnes
    after using one lens for a couple of years I'm considering a telephoto. I've really enjoyed using just the 75mm, I've liked the simplicity but , time for new things. Has anyone had experience with the 135mm f3.5 nikkor ......thanks jim
  2. Trond
    I don't own the 135mm Nikkor, but I have the 150mm Zenzanon and I am very pleased with it.

  3. jcarnes
    Thanks for your reply Trond.
    I've on your recommendation picked up a 150mm zenzanon.
    I've found it every bit as good as my 150mm f4 sonnar for hasselblad. thanks Trond.
  4. Trond
    I general, the Zenzanon lenses for the focal plane Bronicas are very good. One of my favorites is the 100mm 2.8. Truly fantastic. Another nice one is the 80mm 2.4.
  5. ags2mikon
    Did they make any duds? I have a full set of Zenzanons for the S series and I think they are all pretty good. The 200mm glass has to have the diopter lens to focus very close. I find it is a bit of a pita to use because of it. Over all the system is really a very nice system to use and become infected with Bronica GAS. YMMV
  6. whlogan
    This morning the Good Fedex man brought my (new) Nikkor 200mm lens for my Bronica S2a and Bronica ECTL family. I am sure they will be happy to welcome her to the lens family here. Looks like a new lens to me. Who ever owned her before certainly took escellent care of her for she is pristine to a "T". We shall take a roll of our valued TriX out and see what can be done with this beauty this fine fall day here in North Carolina. Will try to post one or two when I get around to developing them..... wow !!!! waiting a while for the Nikkor 200mm.
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