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Suggestions for Fixing Caffenol Negs

  1. Lawrence Sheperd
    Hi all. Just starting to experiment with caffenol-c-m and was wondering what you are using for fixer. Store-bought or home brew? My first roll was fixed in prepared liquid aquarium de-chlorinator (not very much thiosulfate, I imagine.) Ended up fixing twice for 10 minutes each. I've found some straight sodium thiosulfate crystals that I'll mix up according to a recipe found on the web.

    This caffenol developing is the most fun I've had in the darkroom in quite a while! Two more rolls to process this weekend. Love all the photos posted to this group. I'll add some more when I have results.

    Best Regards,
  2. Denverdad
    I use Ilford Rapid-Fix - same as I use for any film/developer. My understanding is that there really isn't any home brew concoction that works as fix, like there is for developers. I wish there were.

  3. Lawrence Sheperd
    Lawrence Sheperd
    Hi, DenverDad. Thanks for the reply. I may try straight thiosulfate with a thorough stop-bath and wash beforehand.
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