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  1. 4strinbass
    I was wondering how everyone develops bw400cn in caffenol? here's what i've been trying to use:
    20 oz. Water.
    10 teaspoons of instant coffee. (not decaf)
    7 teaspoons of washing soda
    1 teaspoon of vitamin c

    Developer 20min , agitate slowly for one minute, every three minutes.


    Fixer for 5 minutes

    Final wash.

    I use Ilford Rapid Fixer to try and fix the images. The negatives are always an EXTREMELY light image and the film isn't translucent in the end. I can just barely tell where the exposures were made. The instant I use is folgers.

    I don't want to give up on bw400cn too easily.
  2. Ezzie
    I have just recently. Though I suspect it is of little value nowadays, since its been discontinued. Both the BW400CN and the previous Portra BW400 versions.

    Used the metric recipe from Caffenol.blogspot.com, C-C-H with 1g/l Kbr (may not need the latter though I have not tried it without). 14min 30s at 68F/20C

    Works out quite well in fact:

    Three of a kind by Eirik0304, on Flickr
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