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Extremely faint image on negatives but no text in rebates

  1. 4strinbass
    Hey everyone. I'm developing 400 ISO HP5. All my negs (two tries) have resulted in faint images. The numbers that tell you the film brand and ISO rating and such don't show up on the film strip's rebate.

    I use a recipe of:
    150ml Water, 6 rounded Teaspoons Instant Coffee (15 grams)
    200ml Water, 4 leveled Teaspoons Washing Soda (8 grams)
    Mix all together, add 2/4 Teaspoon of Vitamin C (4 grams)

    20C / 75F

    Let solution stand for about 5 minutes to clear microbubbles.

    Dev. 10min (agitate 1min, 10sec each 1min)

    Wash 5-10-20

    Fixer / 4min / 500ml (agitate as developer)
    100ml fixer / 400ml water

    Wash 5-10-20

    I don't think it's my recipe or my dev time because the film name would develop in the rebate along with the faint images wouldn't it? I'm thinking it might be a light leak in my changing bag.

    Can anyone help me out?
  2. Ezzie
    Two things I suspect. A recipe on the weak side, and developed a bit short. The recipe I use is metric, so won't translate well, but if it at all helps please do try it out. And my first effort with HP5 got developed for 13 minutes and turned out nicely. Could have done with a couple more minutes maybe. See group pictures (the pano).

    My recipe and method:
    Sodium carbonate (anhydrous): 40g/l
    Ascorbic acid (pure vit-C): 16g/l
    Instant Coffee: 40g/l
    And for ISO 400 speed films a dash of Potassium Bromide:1-1.5g/l

    Presoak in water at 68F, 4-5minutes
    Pour out, then add developer and agitate 12-15 inversions initially, then 3 every minute. Pour out, water stop for one minute (fill and empty 5-6 times). Fix and wash as normal.

    Good luck
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