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uploaded pictures

  1. Iantoz
    I had found an old colour film (after throwing a few out) and decided to have a go with the caffenol-c I developed two 400 asa films together and was delighted with the results.

    I had read that Fuji, and fast films, were not the best candidates for caffenol developing.
    Well I'm very pleased with the results, there is very little grain which pleases me, the prints are very soft and the only downside is the burnt out highlights on the Queen Mary 2, which is I imagine why the Fuji may not be liked?

    The Delta Pro on the other hand is magic, the contrast I find very good, and the two scanned prints I am extremely pleased with.

    All in all a fun day in the darkroom.

  2. mkillmer
    nice! I would like to see the result. I just tried my first c41 and wasnt thrilled (kodak ultramax 400). I used caffenol C and found the result grainy. I will post tomorrow.
  3. Iantoz
    Hi, the results are posted in the group photo's when you open this group's page.

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