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Wineol - Caffenol variation

  1. Toffle
    I found a red wine variation on caffenol and tried it on some prints today.
    The formula is similar to Caffenol C, with wine substituted for the coffee/water portion of the recipe. I used some undrinkable rot-gut homemade wine that someone had given us.
    The results are quite similar to Caffenol, though different. Untoned, the prints have a bluish tint and tend to be lower in contrast than my standard Caffenol prints.

    Credit to Niklas Rühl and Roberto Bosio on the Facebook Caffenol page.

    400 ml wine
    40 gr Soda
    10gr vit.c

    As with my Caffenol, for slow papers, such as Ilford Art 300, I add about 50 ml of depleted paper developer to overcome the development threshold.

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