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Coffee developer or ?

  1. dances_w_clouds
    Well here is a recipe that does NOT work:
    150ml water mix 6 rounded Teaspoons of "No Name" instant coffee
    200ml water mix 4 level teaspoons washing soda
    Mix together and add 1 teaspoon Ascorbic Acid

    Develop your Orwo UN54 135mm film for 11 min. and end up with completely clear film. Looks like there was no silver ever added to the film. There was not even edge marks visible. Completely clear base. I know the film is good as it is towards the end of a 100' roll.

    Anybody with tips/criticism/advice on the flaw in my developing mixture ? What it may be is the ascorbic acid is new as I was using vitamin C tablets on an earlier 2 rolls that had a touch of developing but nothing to scan or print type of development.

    My solution: Use less ascorbic acid .25 of a teaspoon and do the coffee bible mixture but it looks like there are 1000s of recipes to follow. Keep trying until I succeed or say F it and go back to ID-11 or Rodinal
  2. dances_w_clouds
    Step # 2 worked but not that good. 1 photo scan able out of 36. Ordered some different washing soda on line as I kept getting weird looks and shoulder shrugs when asking for it in the stores (Walmart & Canadian Tire). I cut the recipe in half and added Rodinal so that is why I got 1-3 photos. Next time I am doing the same but adding more time. 30-45 min. for a start and work from there. Will also be adding peculated STRONG coffee to the devils brew to see what the outcome will be. Seems like everyone that has done it has good things to say about it
  3. dances_w_clouds
    Received the new washing soda (cheap brand) which works very well. Peculated coffee is off the list as I had a bad outcome because of the "grit" that is in the coffee. The one thing that bothers me is you can not buy small amounts of the ingredients. 2 lbs soda should last a while if I can keep my wife from using for laundry... Makes the clothes smelling nice though.
  4. jnanian
    hi there

    sorry i didn't see this until now ( im asleep at the switch ! )
    thats weird that it was the washing soda ..
    i have some that is 2 years old in an open box that i use with no issues
    and it is probably closer to baking soda by now than washing soda

    the vit c tablets, was there anything else in there ?

    perkolated coffee i ALWAYS use but if it isn't robusta you won't get any images at all.
    the jury's out on what it is the active ingredient in the coffee that actually develops the film
    some say it is the caffic acid or something else mystical .. but it isn't in arabica beans ...

    glad to see you got it working !
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