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Looking for hints.

  1. Toffle
    Hi folks,

    I tried a number of Caffenol prints today and noticed a lot of stain creeping in from the edges of the print. My darkroom was quite cold, and processing times were very long. Perhaps that is part of the problem.

    My process is: Develop, water rinse (so that the Caffenol doesn't make my stop bath go all funky), stop, fix, first wash, tone in selenium, wash (in Ilford Wash Aid), final wash.

    If anyone has experience in printing with Caffenol, I would love to hear your opinions.


  2. jnanian
    hi tom

    maybe it is because it takes so long to develop in the coffee mixture it stains the print.
    when i print i usually jump start it in a regular print developer ( in my case ansco 130 1:3 )
    as soon as the image begins to appear on the print i put it into the caffenol to finish it.
    when i just use caffenol it stains a little ...

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