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Coffee Developers

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  2. gregography
    I developed my first caffenol rolls yesterday using the formula for C-M. Fomapan 100. Except for the loading of the reels it all worked exactly as expected. I love that people love sharing their experiences with this kind of thing, it makes other people's lives better.
  3. Removed Account2
    hey Greg!
  4. Ezzie
    I wasn't beyond myself with joy after the first roll, but boy was I happy with the second, and third and fourth and ......., you get the picture. Someone mentioned that the pictures can take on a 3D sort of effect, and I agree. That and the smoothness of the tones, the reigning in of the highlights, the details it can dig out of the darkest shadows, its just great!
  5. Removed Account2
    Hi there and welcome!
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