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Caffenol for those brain fart moments....

  1. McFortner
    I had rolled some 35mm on 127 paper a while back. I had taken the shots, then could not remember what film I had used. I couldn't even remember if it was color or black and white. So I decided to play it safe and mix up some Caffenol to develop it in. 20 minutes developing regardless of the film type and speed make it a good choice in situations like this.

    The film is now drying, and looking at it I see I used some old Kodak Gold 200 I had sitting around, so the Caffenol was a good choice. I'll post some pictures tomorrow after the negatives have had a chance to dry.

  2. McFortner
    Gotta work on that Ansco Cadet Reflex. i need to add some felt to get the right tension in the film so the pictures come out evenly focused. While the film developed OK only one shot, the last one, came out perfectly focused. not to mention get rid of the scratched emulsion as well.

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