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Ingredients Question

  1. Southern-Lights
    I would like to use coffee as a developer, I'm just having trouble finding washing soda. I found a dish washer detergent that lists sodium carbonate as the first ingredient, with only a couple other ingredients on the list, could I get the same results as using pure washing soda?

    I think that I may have found Arm and Hammer Washing soda, but it's in quite a large container.
  2. jnanian
    hi southern-lights

    check the thread in the main forum.
    if you get in a bind you can dry-out baking soda
    in your oven and after the water is expelled
    it will be washing soda.

    good luck!
  3. zolveria
    okay so I have 500mg tablets of vitamin c. can i crush these disolve and mixed that with my Cafe
  4. Removed Account2
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