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Film that have been test with dev time

  1. zolveria
    Today i tried rite aid brand color film at 13min and 5min fix dev temp was 20c exact
    The negative looked dense on the emulsion side but the image can be seen. with out the need of a light box
  2. zolveria
    I used Harmon Recipe measuring out crushed Vitamin C I also cooled the mixture to 70 degrees exact.
  3. Removed Account2
  4. Removed Account2
    Cannot stress enough, read what Reinhold writes :


    Read it twice and think it over tree times.
  5. zolveria
    Thanks I figured that what happened. the pills are 833% asorbic acid. I am planning to order Asorbic acid. I have to check a local store that may have it. They Should have it since it is a natural food health store. Will get back to you. If not I will order it from Art Craft. I need some other stuff to for my Parodinal expeirement.
    The inversion is what I wondering. I was told not to shake to much. I did 4 inversion every minute. Also has anyone don a stand dev with caffenol?
  6. Removed Account2
  7. Denverdad
    Regarding stand development with caffenol-C - yes, I have done it. I basically used half-strength relative to my usual concentrations, and developed for 30 minutes (12 minutes would be more typical for my solution). For agitation I started with 10 seconds (4 or 5 inversions) initially, then just let it sit the remainder of the time.

    The negatives were images of a test target, and they developed just fine. But I can't really say whether I observed any of the usual effects of stand development. This test was an act of desperation really. I just wanted to see if stand development would cure my overdeveloped edges problem. It didn't. So I didn't really look for other effects.
  8. Removed Account2
  9. Removed Account2
    Just !
  10. FiatluX
    I use Tmax 100 4X5 and develop according to Reinholds recipes with perfect results in C-C-L stand:

    Soda : 16g/l
    Ascorbic Acid : 10g/l
    KBr : 1g/l
    Instant Coffee : 40g/l

    60 mins @ 20C / 68F
    55 mins @ 21C / 69.8F
    50 mins @ 22C / 71.6F
    45 mins @ 23C / 73.4F
    40 mins @ 24C / 75.2F

    If you use a initial 5 min waterbath, add approx. 10% to the dev. times

    Temps in bold are my usual working temperatures!

  11. Romary

    with Caffenol-C-M : http://caffenol.blogspot.com/2010/03...-m-recipe.html

    12 minutes @ 20C
    11 minutes @21C
    9 minutes @ 23C

    10 agitation initially + 5 every minutes


    The texte are in French, but you can see the photo

    Note : 9 minutes @ 23C, with a 135 film, the film a bit thin, may be a bit more time might be better
  12. hovmod
    35mm Kodak HIE:
    C-C-H, 12 min @ 20 deg

  13. Removed Account2
  14. Removed Account2
  15. OMU
    HP5+ in Caffenol-C-H for 15 min, Greate result.

  16. Removed Account2
  17. jnanian

    i stand develop rolls and sheets in caffenol. rolls for about 2.5 years (hand tanks), sheets maybe 7 months ( FR tanks ).

    i don't go by strict measurements, and i don't skimp on the ingredients. i don't have a specific order i mix the coffee soda and vit c.
    my results are repeatable and my film looks just fine when i remove them from the black gold.
    i don't have any hang-ups about exact measurements, sometimes they are vitally important, but as i have
    discovered with this developer, exact measurements are not as critical as one may think.

    i also use ansco 130 as a print and film developer. it was what i used for film ( 5 years ) before i started with the coffee ... and like with
    caffenol, i experimented with 130 in a variety of different ways, stand, agitated, rotary, replenished ...
    these days i put " a splash " of stock 130 in my caffenol. i am well aware of how ansco 130 works with outdated film ( its great )
    it contains potas bromide, glycin, soda (as well as other things ) and mixed in caffenol c the 130 boosts contrast a little bit and reduces fog.
    c41, e6, b/w and all asa's ( 25-3200 ) all get processed together for the same time, and they all look lovely,
    i use this concoction as a universal developer with one development time.
    because of the "strength" of my caffenol i don't stand develop for more than 30 minutes
    otherwise my contact printing and enlargement times are too long. the result is a negative with "meat"
    that contact print beautifully and enlarges OK. i could probably use a little farmers once in a while ..

    i recently went through around 4 years worth of film ( spring 2006 - 12/2010 ) they were rolls a mixture of
    stand, rotary processor and agitated in a tank, as well as some sheets shuffled with and without a130.
    i will be posting some of these images in the gallery in the weeks and months to come.
    i have opted not to negative scan them so i get the full effect of the coffee, grain and film base, and prints take time ...

    there is a lot of hype revolving around this developer. many different methods + recipes work and can give repeatable results.

    (added later)

    i forgot to list the films ..

    tmx ( 100 ) tmy ( 400 ) and tri x 320 ( tmy + tri x both 4x5 + 5x7 )

    b/w tmy, tmx, tmz, tri x, plus x , ilford delta 100+400+3200, , hp5+. panf, efke, foma 100+200+400
    color: fuji sensia 200, astia100, fuji superia400, fuji superia800, fuji press800(npz), and kodak e100g

    i am sure i have missed a few ...

    enjoy your coffee -
  18. Ezzie
    Ill be trying out Acros 100 within a week or so. I have high hopes for it.
  19. Denverdad
    "i stand develop rolls and sheets in caffenol. rolls for about 2.5 years (hand tanks), sheets maybe 7 months ( FR tanks )"

    Wow, that's the longest development time I have ever heard of!

    ...Sorry, I couldn't resist. I am pretty new to developing myself - I think it has been something like a year and a half now since my first roll; all B&W roll film.
  20. jnanian
    they are pretty dense negatives
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