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Citric Acid for Potassium Bromide

  1. hovmod
    First batch of Caffenol, and I can report success.

    I mixed up the Caffenol-C-H recipe, substituting 2.8g Citric Acid for the Potassium Bromide (KBr).

    First impression is good. I seem to have four films of actual pictures.

    I will have to wait until I receive my little canister of KBr until I can claim any real conclusions about how citric acid works, but at the very least I'm very happy!
    I should see some examples of fogged negatives, I really don't think these are much fogged. Tinted a little, but not fogged...

    So. In an hour or so, when the first two films (Tri-x @ 400) have dried, I'll start scanning and post.

  2. hovmod
    From the first roll:


    (this image is cropped quite a bit from a Hasselblad square due to the overexposed back wall)

    Ready to go:
  3. Removed Account2
  4. hovmod
    I didn't mind the smell so much, and my wife is happy to see the Rodinal get less use.
  5. Removed Account2
  6. hovmod
    She looked it up...
    After that she's been after me: "is that Rodinal on the counter?" "have you wiped up Rodinal with this rag?"
    Caffenol solves all problems.
  7. Removed Account2
    He he, tell her the main ingredient in Rodinal is the strongest cleaning agent there is, lye, you could rinse the floor with it..... :-)
  8. hovmod
    There's not much one can teach a soap maker about lye....
  9. Removed Account2
  10. hovmod
    I think it was the aminophenol that scared her. She uses lye all the time, but phenols are deadly toxic and can't be flushed down the toilet. She's right happy with the caffenol in comparison.
  11. hovmod
    Oh, I'm going for the long stading one next, with some 4x5 sheets of 25 ISO efke I've got in the fridge.
    My expectations are very high, although I believe this is where the KBr probably works better than the citric acid...

    Btw, it seems one of my white paterson spools got permanently stained in the last batch. Not so white anymore. Anyone else seen that?
  12. Removed Account2
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