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Details from my first caffenol batch

  1. hovmod
    Hi guys.
    I posted some of this in the citric acid thread, but was encouraged to post the details here, so here goes:

    Caffenol-C-H with Citric acid for KBr

    Sodium Carbonate (washing soda): 54g
    Ascorbic Acid (VitC): 16 g
    Citric Acid: 2.8g
    Nescafé Brasero: 40g

    All mixed in order into about 7dl tap water, diluted to 1l after everything was thoroughly dissolved.

    First batch was two rolls of Tri-X @ 400 ISO, both taken using a Hasselblad 501C, with either the CZ80CFE "kit" lens or an early 40mm Distagon.
    15 minutes @ 20 degrees, normal agitation (30s + 3 every minute).
    Water as stop (I changed the water three times during about 90 s).
    Ilford rapid fixer.


    cropped due to the blown out background

    Finished mix, ready to go:

    Driver and host from a desert trip in Mauritania last week:


    And my favourite, the beach at Jomfruland.

    More at http://www.flickr.com/photos/hovmod/...7625006664080/
  2. hovmod
    I also developed two rolls of expired Agfa APX 400 taken with a Zeiss Ikon Nettar folder, but for the most part they're either crap shots, too private or otherwise unfit for public posting, but what I can say is that I had underexposed one of them quite a bit (some of it I 'metered' as 1600), and this roll didn't turn out too good. The other one was OK, and I approve of Caffenol for APX400 as well, for now...

    Couple from the roll I exposed as 400:

    The APX400 doesn't normally get this grainy (I use Rodinal, mostly), but with the expiry date way in the past, the old camera and my 'lucky 16' metering, there are too many potential causes to blame the coffee.
  3. Removed Account2
    Nice pictures, the boy is simply adoring! Strong image of the two africans as well. Nice shooting.
  4. Sasha Dulyachinda
    Sasha Dulyachinda
    Very cool! I will have to try this soon.
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