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What recipe for old AGFA CNS?

  1. hovmod
    I found an Agfa Isolette in my dad's stuff this summer, and in it was a partially exposed roll of CNS, which I'm not sending to C-22... I guess it was exposed in the mid-60s.

    So I thought I'd give it a go in Caffenol.

    What solution would you use for this film? Afaik it is really thin and is easily damaged by temperature and such...

    Any tips? Any hope of images?
  2. Removed Account2
    I .
  3. hovmod
    Hey, I'm not really expecting results here, any shade of actual images will be a bonus.
    That said, if anyone, anywhere, has actually tried old CNS in caffenol I'd love to hear about it...

    You don't have to start snapping on my account, Erik. Too many variables. Your film might be crap for some reason, mine might be crap for other reasons.
  4. hovmod
    Caffenol-C-L, stand developed 70 minutes.

    To the right you see my grandparents.
    My grandfather died in 1975, my grandmother in 1990.
    There were more priceless pictures on it as well.
    Lost colours, won family treasures.

  5. Removed Account2
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